The benefits of buying a wood-burning stove

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You’re thinking of buying a wood-burning stove… but you still need a bit of convincing that it’s what you really want. You probably want to know the benefits of getting a wood-burning stove.

After all, what’s so good about owning a wood burner?

You can cut your energy bills
By just how much depends how efficiently you use the stove, but it certainly ends your reliance on the big energy companies. You know exactly how much energy you’re using because it’s you who loads the fuel into the stove!

You can boost your green credentials
As long as you’re sensible about what you’re burning (ie. seasoned wood, and not varnished scrap wood) the process is carbon neutral. The only carbon dioxide released into the air is that taken in by the log during its days as part of a tree.

Wood is also a sustainable fuel. Sustainable forestry ensures that, in stark contrast with many fuels, its easy to replace what we use.

You get a reliable heating system
Power cuts, broken boilers, cracked pipes and cancelled deliveries: the weather can reduce our heating capabilities to absolutely zero in no time at all. With a wood-burning stove in your home, you’ve always got a timeless, reliable form of heating that’s not dependent on modern technologies.

You’re home will look and feel better
One of the big benefits of installing a wood-burning stove is that your home will be much cosier. There’s nothing quite like coming hom to a roaring wood burner.

You can bring your family together
If you find that your family tends to get scattered around the house to use various TVs, computers, video games and other devices, you’ll be amazed at the magnetic qualities of a wood-burning stove. It’s hard to resist the lure of a warm stove.

You can also bring your family together for fun activities, like foraging for wood together.

If you’d like to take advantage of those benefits, visit our website.

9 thoughts on “The benefits of buying a wood-burning stove

  1. Hi Janet

    Very true. We didn’t like to include that since it can be awkward with some stoves and some manufacturers haven’t intended that use, but we know it can be very useful indeed!

  2. We also boil kettles on our flat topped woodburner stove and at Christmas roasted chestnuts. Saves on the electriity bill – would recommend anyone to buy one – nothing cosier.

  3. Yes ! .. I wanted a boiler stove … My other half decided , enough was enough .. and made a decision to just have e a wooddburner stove .. and be done with all the messing about ” continually looking” ( as she said ) .. something I very much regret going along with. alas .. Oh well , better than not having anything .. Yeah ? ..
    p.s. – still forever hopeful tho.. ;-))

  4. I also have seen some great good looking “boiler stoves” almost daily.. STILL got my heart set on a Real Boiler Stove and saving both on fuel bills and being a huge piece of greener living standards.. . .

  5. We have just moved and missing our old stove. We would like a wood burner for our conservatory.
    It needs to be DEFRA approved with a chimney exiting through the polycarbonate roof..
    A challenge?

    • Hi Nicholas

      It’s definitely doable. You will probably need rubber flashing silicone sealed onto the roof panel of your conservatory.

      The positioning of the stove within the conservatory will also be a factor as you will need to ensure the position and height of the flue terminal complies with Document J of the Building Regulations.



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