Why Halloween should encourage you to get a wood-burning stove

Tonight is Halloween. An army of pint-sized ghosts, witches and monsters will be wandering round their neighbourhood seeking as many treats as they can can get their hands on.

Among all the sweets and scariness, there’s a place for wood-burning stoves in your Halloween celebrations. So, why should Halloween prompt you to order a wood-burning stove? Continue reading

6 outstanding small wood-burning stoves


Size isn’t everything.

If you’re looking for a wood-burning stove for a small room, a cabin or a caravan, or you want a stove that will supplement rather than replace another heating supply, then you probably won’t need a stove that’s particularly big.

In smaller spaces, a powerful wood-burning stove will not only look out of place, it will also give off an overpowering amount heat. That’s where a more compact stove can be effective.

With that in mind, here are 6 of the best diminutive wood-burning stoves. Continue reading

Kevin McCloud makes a wood-burning stove from an old safe in Man Made Home

Kevin McCloud is best known as the presenter of Channel 4’s Grand Designs. While that programme saw a few wood-burning stoves installed in its time, none of them were quite as unusual as the one he’s installed for new show Man Made Home.

As the Channel 4 website puts it:

As Kevin wants to reuse, repurpose and recycle as much of his building as possible, he decides to turn a 1930s heavy steel safe into a wood burning stove. But he has to use the dangerous tool of the 70s bank robber, a thermic lance, to do it.

Continue reading

Meet the manufacturer: Dimplex Stoves

Dimplex Stoves

Dimplex Stoves is the solid fuel appliance branch of Dimplex, which is perhaps best known to most consumers as a manufacturer of electric fires. At Gr8fires we stock both Dimplex electric fires and stoves. In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on the stoves.

The Southampton-based company keeps its solid fuel range limited, which makes it perfect for this whistle-stop guide to the range. Continue reading