Coal and wet wood ban: what the Government’s proposals mean for wood-burning stoves and our customers

You could be forgiven for wondering whether your wood-burning stove is about to be rendered useless given some of the headlines that have appeared in the days since the Government announced its plans to phase out the sale of house coal and wet wood.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has announced that sales of wet wood and house coal in England will be restricted from next year, ahead of a total ban by 2023, as part of efforts to tackle tiny particle pollutants known as PM2.5.

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Top 2020 interior design trends (and the perfect woodburners to match them)

Are your planning on decorating your home in 2020? If so, why not incorporate a wood-burning stove into your new decor scheme.

As ever, there are loads of great ideas floating around social media and in interior design magazines. We’ve picked out some of 2020’s hottest interior design trends and paired them with a perfectly suited woodburner.

Let’s explore the top 2020 interior design trends and the woodburners to match them.

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