Mazona Rocky 6kW multi-fuel stove now just £219

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What’s your favourite Rocky? Ours is Rocky 6. Well, the Mazona Rocky 6kW to be more precise.

This punchy little appliance is consistently our best-selling stove. The reasons for that are very simple: it’s a well-made cast iron stove that pumps out 6kW of heat while having a very low price tag.

And the gloves are really coming off now because that price has just got even lower.

You can get the Eye of the Tiger in your home right now for just £219*.

With the price reduced, this great value stove is now even better value. In fact, it is very unlikely that you would find a stove that creates quite as much heat available for any cheaper than this.

Pound-for-pound, it’s one of the top performers out there. You get:

  • A 6kW heat output that will warm you nicely without you having to run up any flights of stairs.
  • 81% efficiency when burning wood at 6kW.
  • A 5-year guarantee on the cast iron stove body.
  • Primary and secondary air controls to control the temperature and burn rate of your stove.


I purchased the Rocky 6kW Multi fuel stove. It came well packed and in great condition. The stove is of good quality and it has been installed. It gives out more heat than I really need for the whole downstairs, but it is so easy to control with the air vents that I just keep it ticking over to keep it all nice and cosy.

Customer Review from Dave Flatters

*Price correct at the time of writing. Click here to make sure the Mazona Rocky is still available for £219.

Heat resistant plaster around wood-burning stoves


One aspect of wood-burning stove installation that can be overlooked is the nearby walls and, in particular, the plaster on those walls.

Regular gypsum plaster often cannot cope with the heat generated by a woodburner and may begin to crack or peel off, either almost immediately after the stove is lit or through gradual wear and tear. In either case, the result is that the plaster will not stay on the wall.

The way to overcome this is to use a specialist heat resistant plaster. For obvious reasons, it is best to plan ahead and perform any necessary plastering during the installation process and before your stove is in situ.

Heat resistant plaster works in exactly the same way as normal plaster and gives an equally smooth finish, but it is made to be able to withstand far higher temperatures, which are usually up to 500ºC.

Areas of plaster that are susceptible to problems include:

  • Chimney breasts around wood-burning stoves.
  • Chimney breasts surrounding inset stoves.
  • The inside of opened fireplaces where recessed freestanding stoves are installed.
  • Where flue pipes pass through ceilings and floors.
  • Where flue pipes pass through walls.

But any difficulties can be overcome be using heat resistant plaster in its place.

Plastering the whole wall
In theory, you will only need the area directly around the appliance to be heat resistant. In practice, it can be hard to retouch just a small area while maintaining a good finish that matches the rest of the wall.

You might prefer to strip back the entire wall and start the plastering process from scratch to ensure consistency.

Letting the plaster dry
Whether you use heat resistant plaster ahead of stove installation or further down the line as a replacement for gypsum plaster that has peeled off, it is important that the new heat resistant plaster is allowed plenty of time to dry before the woodburner is used.

If you light the stove before the plaster has dried properly, the intense heat from the woodburner will cause it to crack.

Buy heat resistant plaster.

5 Great Uses For Double-Sided Wood-Burning Stoves

Double-side stove

When you buy a wood-burning stove you get the relaxing and mesmerising experience of being able to sit back and watch the flames dance around inside the firebox.

You might think that it is a bit greedy to have two viewing points through which to do this, but we beg to differ. Double-sided stoves, which feature a glass panel at both the front and rear of the appliance (you can decide which is which!), have lots of great uses.

1. To install in the centre of the room

If you are installing a woodburner as a feature in the middle of a room, it would be a bit rude of it to have its back to you and your household three-quarters of the time. With a double-sided stove, you ensure that the flames can be soon from almost anywhere in the room, which wouldn’t be the case with a regular wood-burning stove.

2. To serve adjoining rooms

If you have two rooms that sit either side of a chimney breast, why not heat them both at the same time? Installing a double-sided stove means just one installation cost but the heat of a woodburner – and the view to accompany it – in two separate rooms.

Just ensure that you factor in both rooms when working out what size stove you need and you will be onto a winner.

4. To inset in a wall

While you can open up your fireplace to serve two adjoining rooms, you can equally close the fireplace off, place an inset double-sided stove within the wall of the chimney breast – at your preferred height – and still have the stove serving two very separate rooms.

4. In the hospitality trade

Do you own a restaurant, hotel or pub? If so, a double-sided stove is a great way to spread the ambiance and warmth among your clientele. People love to gather around a cosy woodburner and a double-sided appliance gives you twice as much gathering space!

5. To become truly open plan

Since the 1950s the default option has to been to ‘point’ your living room towards a television. A double-fronted stove allows you to really spread into all the space at your disposal because it becomes a new focal point for the room.

It expands your living space and allows to use all of the room more effectively.

Have a look at some double-sided stoves right now.

Sale: wood burners

As we’ve mentioned before on this blog, summer is a great time to buy a wood-burning stove. Among the many reasons is that there is usually a bargain to be had.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the wood-burning stoves on sale right now. All prices are accurate at the time of writing and may be subject to change.

GBS Eco-Inset 5 kW Multi-fuel stove

inset log burners - GBS Ecoinset
If you’re looking for a reasonably priced but stylish inset stove, this GBS Eco-Inset might fit the bill. It’s currently available with a 17% discount.

The appliance is made from a steel body, which is guaranteed for three years, and is well-suited to modern living rooms.

Regular Price: £505.87
Sale Price: £420.00

More details.


Arizona Kansas 629 5 kW multi-fuel stove

There is a hugely impressive 31.9% reduction on the Arizona Kansas’s price right now.

It is a classically styled, timeless wood-burning stove. As such, it is very versatile in terms of the type of decor it can be fitted alongside. The stove body is made from cast iron and is covered by a five-year guarantee.

This stove is ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere in your home.

Regular Price: £499.06
Sale Price: £339.79

More details.


Villager Chelsea Solo 5 kW Multi Fuel Stove

Villager Chelsea Sol Multi fuel stove

Villager is one of the collections of the hugely popular Arada Stoves brand, which specialises in simple yet stylish steel stoves. This Chelsea Solo appliance is no exception to that and is a lovely little 5kW multi-fuel stove. It is ideal for smaller spaces.

As if that wasn’t good enough, there is also 15% off its usual price tag right now.

Regular Price: £699.00
Sale Price: £594.16

More details.


Invicta Chamane 14 kW Wood Burning Stove

Invicta Chamane

For bigger budgets and bigger rooms, the Invicta Chamane is well worth consideration. This spectacular free-standing appliance is as much a design feature as it is a woodburner.

Its current 18.5% takes the price tag below £1,000.

Regular Price: £699.00
Sale Price: £998.40

More details.


Evergreen ST250SE Ashley 5 kW Wood Burning Stove


The Evergreen range offers great value for money under any circumstances, so with 32.5% off, this Evergreen Ashley is a real bargain.

It is a 5kW stove which combines quite traditional styling with an unusual rounded design.

And the Ashley is a particularly frugal option. It incorporates two hotplates into its design, which means you can cook your dinner using the heat the stove is generating.

Regular Price: £373.20
Sale Price: £252.00

More details.

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