Cutest photos of dogs and wood-burning stoves

Many of our customers love to share photos of their pets enjoying the warmth from a wood-burning stove with us via social media.

We’ve decided it was about time we collated all those lovely pictures of heat-hogging dogs together to form a bit of a gallery.

If you’d like your pooch (and wood-burner) to be included, please send us your photo on Facebook or Twitter.

Here are photos from our customers and social media friends:

From Donna Jordan. Lounging by the woodburner!
Donna Jordan

From Mark Rodgers. Warming by the Mazona Olympus.
Mark Rodgers

From Shirley Connell. Jak the Border Terrier warming up.
Border Terrier Jak Continue reading

Five of the best free standing electric fires


Are you looking for a new free standing electric fires? If so, you’re in luck because there are some excellent fires on the market right now.

Leading the way is Dimplex Electric Fires, who manufacture an array of free standing models in a variety of different styles.

They offer great value for money, attractive design and something to suit all tastes and decor. All of the fires featured here include Dimplex’s Optiflame flame effect, which gives a realistic look to your fire. Continue reading

Which chimney cowl is best for your home?

A chimney cowl is a sensible investment for any property with a wood-burning stove, but how do you choose the right one for your home? It all comes down to what you need the cowl to do.

Bird guard chimney cowls
The most basic chimney cowls have a single use: to stop birds getting into your chimney.

Birds do have a habit of finding their way down flue pipes, which is distressing for them and an inconvenience for you. If they nest in the chimney, your flue might become blocked, which increases the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide leaks.

Standard or all purpose chimney cowl
A bit more substantial than a basic birdguard, this all purpose cowl will also help to stop rainwater from getting into the flue and your stove. For obvious reasons, this is quite a useful feature if you happen to live in the United Kingdom.

Funnily enough, it’s in the warmer months this causes a problem. In winter, the heat from your stove evaporates the rainwater almost immediately. But in summer the moisture has chance to sit and can start to rust your stove system. Buy a standard chimney cowl.

Anti-downdraught chimney cowls
ctbct (1)
Anti-downdraught cowls are designed for use in properties that are exposed to high winds and, as a consequence, suffer from smoke blowing back down the chimney and into the room.

Fitting this cowl will reduce the effect of the wind and stop you being exposed to unpleasant and dangerous gases. Buy an anti-downdraught chimney cowl.

Revolving Chimney Cowls
The rotating or revolving cowl is another way of dealing with gusty conditions that are causing smoke to blow down your chimney.

It can also be of use if your stove suffers from a weak draw (another reason that smoke might be leaking into your room). Buy a revolving chimney cowl.

See the full range of chimney cowls.

Best 6kw wood-burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves

Did our wood-burning stove size calculator tell you that you need a 6kW stove? Here are some great 6kW wood burners.

Mazona Rocky 6 kW Multi-fuel Stove
Mazona Rocky Cheap Wood-Burning Stove

The Mazona Rocky 6kW is our best-selling stove. That’s hardly surprising when you look at its vital statistics. It costs just £240, which is very reasonable for an appliance producing 6kw of heat output.

For that price, you get a clasically styled cast iron stove. Find out more. Continue reading customer Kate Harrison named as a finalist in The Observer Ethical Awards

We’re delighted to hear that customer Kate Harrison has been selected as one of 20 finalists in The Observer Ethical Awards.

Kate, from Ashton Hayes, near Chester, bought a Stratford SEB20 Eco Boiler 20kW Multi-fuel Boiler Stove from us nearly four years ago. Since then, she has obviously been putting the stove to very good use to save energy in her home. Continue reading

Best 5kW wood-burning stove and multi-fuel stoves

If you’ve used our wood-burning stove size calculator and found that your room is best suited to a 5kW stove, here’s a selection of some of the finest 5kW wood burners on offer.

Evergreen ST250SE Ashley 5kW Wood Burning Stove

The Evergreen Ashley is a distinctive stove, boasting many traditional features but also an unusual rounded design.

It also includes two hot plates on top, which makes it ideal if you want to heat up some stew at the same time as you warm up the living room. Find out more. Continue reading

Should you install a wood-burning stove before the situation in Ukraine and Russia pushes gas prices up?

The escalating situation in Ukraine appears to have UK energy consumers concerned about the possible impact on gas prices.

There has been widespread media coverage about the potential for huge price increases for gas as a result of possible conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

That speculation has only been further fueled by the news that Russia’s top gas producer Gazprom will remove a long-held discount it offers on the price Ukraine pays for gas from next month. Continue reading