The benefits of an inset stove

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One of the most popular versions of the wood-burning stove currently on the market is the inset stove. Despite functioning pretty much the same as any other stove, an inset stove simply slots into an existing open fireplace.

So, what are the benefits that are encouraging so many people to opt for an inset stove?

Greater efficiency
In comparison to the open fireplaces they usually replace, inset stoves offer huge efficiency savings. A regular open grate will lose around 70% of the heat it generates straight up the chimney. Once an inset stove is installed, as little as 20% of the heat produced will be lost.

Easy fitting
As we’ve alluded to above, inset stoves slot easily into fireplaces. Most inset stoves are designed to fit perfectly into a standard, tapered fireplace, which makes for an easy installation process and minimal disruption to the existing structures of your home.

Less space needed
An inset stove comes with its own air gap built into the convection box. So, whereas a traditional wood-burning stove needs space for air to circulate around it, inset stoves can be used in a smaller space.

Interior design versatility
Not every room is suitable for a feature fireplace with a wood-burning stove at the centre. In many ways, an inset stove is a more subtle alternative. While you can still make it a feature of the room if you wish, it’s just as easy to let it blend into the existing fireplace so that it only really catches the eye when the roaring flames are licking against the glass.


Recommended inset stoves

Dimplex Westcott Inset Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove
Dimplex Westcott Inset
One of our best-selling inset stoves is the Dimplex Westcott. It boasts stylish curved features and a 4.3kW heat output. Find out more.

Mazona Crete 5 kW Inset Multi Fuel Wood Burning

This 5kW inset stove is an attractive, contemporary appliance from Mazona Stoves. It has a nice size of heat output for average-sized living rooms and boasts a high quality steel body. Find out more.

Aarrow Inset Ecoburn 7 kW Multi-Fuel Wood Burning Stove
Inset Log Burners - Aarrow Ecoburn 7kW
This 7kW version of the Ecoburn stove features the distinctive styling of the Aarrow brand. It’s Ecoburn technology is designed to give a clean and efficient burn.

Click here to see our full range of inset stove.

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