7 recommended inset stoves

There are several advantages to installing inset stoves if the circumstances in your home are right.

Inset stoves slot straight into standard fireplace openings. If you currently have an open fire, gas fire or electric fire sitting in a regular fireplace, an inset stove offers an opportunity to switch to a logburner of multi-fuel stove without having to undergo major structural work.

That also means an easier (and therefore cheaper) installation process. Assuming everything is structurally sound, installing your inset stove shouldn’t be much more complicated than connecting your stove to a flue liner. And sometimes you can install even without a flue liner if your chimney is in a good condition. Continue reading

Which stove rope do you need for a Mazona Rocky 6 kW multi-fuel stove?

Mazona Rocky stove rope

Do you own a Mazona Rocky 6 kW multi-fuel stove? If so, at some point you will need to buy replacement stove rope for it.

The rope that helps to form a seal around the door and the glass is one of the consumable parts of a woodburner than will be subject to wear and tear over time. When that happens to the rope in your Mazona Rocky, make sure you buy the correct thickness of rope. Here’s what you need… Continue reading

5 reasons to buy the Mazona Seattle 5 kW Smoke Exempt Multi Fuel Stove

The Mazona Seattle 5 kW Smoke Exempt Multi Fuel Stove is one of the more recent additions to the Mazona range. It is yet to become as well known as some of its stablemates, such as the Mazona Rocky 6kW and the Mazona Signet 4kW, the Seattle is well worth considering when you’re looking for a stove.

In this article, we are going to outline 5 reasons why you should buy the Mazona Seattle. Continue reading