Installing a wood-burning stove? Here’s why you need to contact HETAS

Installing a wood-burning stove

If you’re thinking of buying a wood-burning stove from Gr8Fires, you’ll also be considering how to install it once it arrives.

We’re experts in the workings and features of wood-burning stoves, but even we don’t get involved in installations at all. There are specialist installers and we think the job is best left to them.

So, when customers contact us to ask for advice on installing a stove themselves or on recommendations for a suitable installer, our advice is always the same: get in touch with HETAS. Continue reading

Romancing the stove: would a wood-burning stove work wonders for your love-life?

Romancing the stoveThrough the Gr8fires Twitter account, we always try to keep up-to-date with all the latest online chatter about wood-burning stoves.

It never ceases to amaze us how many people post giddy messages of being head-over-heels in love all over again after a wonderful weekend break at a holiday home with a wood-burning stove. The stove always gets a special mention, of course.

So, if it can work such wonders over a weekend, imagine what it would do if you had a wood-burning stove at home?

We’re inclined to agree with the lovebirds who come back from their holiday praising the virtues of the wood burner. There is something inherently romantic about a wood-burning stove.

Fire is primal, for starters. People have been lighting fires to keep cosy for thousands of years. There’s something about that lineage and performing that basic act of survival that stirs something in a lot of people.

Romancing the stoveThen there’s the relaxation aspect. Watching the flames licking the stove door is highly therapeutic. It seems to make the worries of the world drift away and also has the habit of helping a glass of wine go down very well.

A wood-burning stove encourages quality time. It’s a focal point that you’re inclined to gather around with almost magnetic force. Whether you then want to read a book together, watch a film or just chat doesn’t really matter. Stoves somehow bring people together.

What about mood-setting? Well, soft lighting doesn’t get much softer than the flames from a stove. And we can all agree that a stove’s primary function – romance or not – is to create a cosy atmosphere, so you’re guaranteed a nice environment in which to snuggle up.

People go away and enjoy the simple pleasures that come from having a stove, but sometimes don’t seem to make the connection that they could have those pleasures at home all year round.

If you’re thinking about adding a little more romance to your home, please take a look at our range of wood-burning stoves.

Meet the manufacturer: Arizona Stoves

Arizona Stoves

If your fireplace is currently a bit of a ‘State’, an Arizona stove could be the perfect solution. The brand itself and each of its stove models take their names from places in the US of A.

While the monikers are very much Americana-themed, the stoves themselves are absolutely universal in their appeal.

Arizona specialises in multi-fuel stoves, so you can burn wood and/or coal on any Arizona model.

So, without further ado, let’s continue our Meet the manufacture series and get a quick overview of some of the key stoves in the Arizona range. Continue reading

What does the heat output of a wood-burning stove mean?

What does the heat output of a wood-burning stove mean

The obvious answer is that the heat output of a wood-burning stove is a measure of the amount of heat the wood burner is pumping out. But you’re probably more interested in what that means for you before you buy a wood-burning stove.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the higher the number, the more heat your stove is producing. Heat output is provided by stove manufacturers in kilowatts (kW). So a 6kW stove will give out more heat than a 4kw stove. Continue reading