5 of the best contemporary wood-burning stoves

contemporary stove

For many people, its the heritage and tradition of using a wood-burning stove to heat your home that is the biggest attraction. But it is nice to put a new twist on this timeless form of heating, especially if the decor and design of your property is modern.

Several wood-burning stove manufacturers now focus on making contemporary stoves that are at ease in the surroundings of a modern home. These appliances often veer away from what a wood-burning stove has traditionally looked like by experimenting with the materials, designs and technology used.

We’ve picked out five of the best of these contemporary wood-burning stoves to give you an overview of some of the options. Continue reading

Meet the manufacturer: Invicta


French stove manufacturer Invicta is definitely at the more contemporary end of the Gr8Fires stock.

The Invicta brand is built around eye-catching designs and a very modern look. From a fresh take on the traditional wood-burning stove, to ornamental wood burners you could easily confuse for art installations, Invicta focuses on making stoves that are as beautiful as they are functional.

With such a diverse range of designs on available it is difficult to know which stoves to highlight to introduce you to the range. We’ve done our best to find three stoves that span the spectrum of Invicta’s output. Continue reading