4 Spooky Woodburners for Halloween

Some spooky stoves. Mwah-ha-ha-ha

To mark Halloween, we’ve picked out some of our spookiest wood-burning stoves for you.

Are you scared? Don’t be – they’re only woodburners after all!

Here goes…

Carron Dante
This devilishly good stove shares its name with the Italian poet who famously wrote about the 9 circles of hell. But Dante’s Inferno will pale into insignificance once you’ve got this woodburner heating up.

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Invicta Luna
Beware werewolves! Luna translates as moon… and we all know that spooky things generally happen when there’s a full moon. Fortunately, this particular ‘moon’ is quite content to be full of logs.

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Evergreen ST2800A Rowan
Evergreen ST2800A Rowan 8 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove
This is the woodburner that you quite easily imagine seeing expect to see while innocently wandering around an abandoned old house that you have happened across. What could possibly go wrong?!

The Rowan can hold its own in the grandest of traditional properties – hence its inclusion in our list of stoves that are well-suited to Victorian and Edwardian properties.

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Thorma Atomik
It might sound like a monster that’s been spawned by some sort of nuclear disaster… but it’s actually a very stylish, contemporary wood-burning stove.

There we go. That wasn’t too frightening, was it?

Sheffield residents are top crackers of wood-burning stove glass


People living in Sheffield are the most cavalier wood-burning stove owners in the country, according to one of the UK’s leading online retailers of stoves.

Figures from Gr8Fires.co.uk covering sales since January 2009 show that more replacement stove glass is sold to the Sheffield postcode area than any other part of the UK.

Gr8Fires.co.uk’s customer support manager Adam Fowler explained: “Stove owners have to replace the glass in their appliance when a crack or hole appears.

“One of the most common causes of glass breakage is over-firing, which is when too much fuel is added or too much oxygen allowed into the fire, causing the stove to operate at too high a temperature.

“Cracks can also be caused by adding too much wood, then closing the glass onto a protruding log.

“Burning the wrong sort of fuel on the appliance is another cause.

“For instance, household coal is too volatile for use in the confined space of a multi-fuel stove and can cause mini-explosions that will break the glass.”

Sheffielders appear to be more prone than citizens anywhere else in the country to breaking their stove glass and consequently needing to replace it, but Adam isn’t sure why.

He continued: “Obviously, the old stereotype is of Yorkshire people being tight with their money, so I suppose the idea of over-firing your stove to wring every last kilowatt of heat out of it tallies with that.

“But I’m sure that’s not the case here – it is probably just a bit of bad luck that Sheffield currently tops our charts for buying replacement glass.

“If the people of Sheffield take care with what they burn on their stoves and how they burn it, we will see them drop down the list and keep their stove glass in one piece for much longer from now on.”

The Top 10 Replacement Stove Glass Sales Locations

The top 10 stove glass sales locations
1. Sheffield
2. Newcastle-upon-Tyne
3. Birmingham
4. Cardiff
5. Glasgow
6. Peterborough
7. Nottingham
8. York
9. Swansea
10. Aberdeen

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Peterborough is the UK’s wood-burning stove capital

Swansea, Cardiff and Norwich also feature in top 10 list


Peterborough is the United Kingdom’s wood-burning stove capital, according to one of the country’s leading online retailers of stoves.

Gr8Fires.co.uk has declared the Cambridgeshire city the home of the recent resurgence in the popularity of wood burners, with Swansea, Cardiff, Norwich and Llandudno also featuring prominently in a list of the top 10 locations for stove sales.

Residents in the Peterborough postcode area have bought more stoves than any other part of the country, Gr8Fires.co.uk’s sales figures show.

Gr8Fires.co.uk’s customer support manager Adam Fowler said: “Over the past few years, there has been a huge increase in the popularity of wood-burning stoves and nowhere more so than in Peterborough.

“Since we launched in January 2009, we have sold almost 16,000 woodburners and more of those have gone to properties in the Peterborough area than any other part of the UK.”

Wood-burning stoves sales have grown considerably in recent years, with the opportunity to reduce energy bills and achieve carbon neutral home heating both cited as major reasons for the boom.

But a good old case of keeping up with the Joneses might also be playing a part

Adam continued: “Stoves have certainly become a very desirable item, so it is possible that there is a bit of a domino effect

“When one person buys a woodburner, it is very common for friends, family or neighbours to get one soon afterwards.

“It is possible this is helping to drive wood-burning stove sales in clusters in places like Peterborough, Swansea and Cardiff.”

The Top 10 Wood-Burning Stove Sales Locations

Wood burning stove sales locations

  1. Peterborough
  2. Swansea
  3. Cardiff
  4. Norwich
  5. Llandudno
  6. Tonbridge
  7. Newcastle upon Tyne
  8. Nottingham
  9. Sheffield
  10. York