Christmas 2019 final order deadline and Christmas holiday closure at

Christmas 2019 order deadline

Christmas is nearly upon us, which means we’re once again up against the clock to get everything you need to ensure you have a cosy festive period delivered to you in time.

Woodburners are a bit harder to move around the country than Christmas cards, which means we will need to receive your order by 2pm on Wednesday, December 18, in order to get it dispatched from our warehouse and delivered to you before Santa arrives.

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Sending a letter to Santa Claus using a wood-burning stove

One of the questions we’re most frequently asked at this time of year is the best way of sending a letter to Santa Clause using a wood-burning stove.

Using your fireplace and a sprinkle of Christmas magic to send a list of the things you would like for Christmas is a time-honoured tradition.

If you’re used to sending your letter to Santa on an open fire (where you presumably also roasted your chestnuts), then you might have some concerns over using your woodburner. Here’s our suggested method for sending a letter to Santa Claus using a wood-burning stove.

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