The Mazona Olympus is only £229 this month

Our best-selling woodburner: just £229 (until 31/01/15)


The Mazona Olympus 8kW Multi-Fuel Stove was our best-selling woodburner of 2014. As if to give it a headstart for 2015, we’ve dropped its price for January.

Until 31/01/15, the Olympus is available for just £229 – an incredibly low price for a stove that pumps out 8kW of heat.

In fact, the reasons that make it a bargain at £229 are very similar to the reasons it was our most popular appliance last year:

  • 8kw heat output – that’s a big stove for the price
  • Quality cast iron body construction
  • 5-year guarantee covering that construction
  • Timeless, traditional stove design
  • Airwash system to help keep the glass clear
  • Suitable for burning wood, coal or smokeless fuels

Have a look for yourself.

An example of what effect installing a woodburner might have on your heating bill

An example of what effect installing a woodburner might have on your heating bill

One of the questions we are most commonly asked by customers is: how much will installing a wood-burning stove cut my heating bills by?

Usually, we have to explain that the Energy Saving Trust advises that installing a woodburner can reduce energy bills by 10%, but that they also say that bigger savings can be made if a boiler stove is installed. We go on to explain that we hear anecdotal evidence from customers of greater reductions in their bills, but that it is heavily dependent on how the stove is being operated.

At that point, we realise we probably sounded a bit wishy-washy, but it really is tricky to give an exact figure on the saving that can be made on your heating bills by buying a woodburner.

That’s why it is particularly nice when a customer gets in touch to show us some hard evidence of the impact a stove installation has had on their heating bills.

That’s exactly what Nathan Brewer did recently. He sent us a photo on Twitter showing that his monthly Direct Debit payment to energy firm e-on had been reduced from £100 per month to £6 per month. Quite a nice saving, we’re sure you’ll agree.

In a message accompanying the photo, Nathan told us: “Thanks to my DIY woodburner install, received this email the other day.”

Great work, Nathan. We applaud your efforts.

More savings to make

Not content with that, Nathan is now installing another wood-burning stove to help to cut his sister’s heating bills.

He told us: “My brother-in-law and I @DarrylClarke03 are installing an Arizona Seattle.”

Here’s the Arizona Seattle that Nathan has namechecked:


If you’d like to take a closer look at the Arizona Seattle, you will find full details here.

‘It seemed appropriate to have woodburners in a little cottage… We went for the Mazona Orlando.’

image002 (2)

The Mazona Orlando multi-fuel stove is one of the stars of a before-and-after renovation feature in the latest edition of Property & Home with Phil Spencer magazine.

Cosy Cottage in Corcombe, Dorset, was bought by Kevin and Judi Maitland, from London, as a relaxing country retreat. But it soon turned into a less than relaxing restoration challenge as the couple initially seemed to have bitten off more than they could chew.

After a seemingly endless run of problems, including dodgy builders, conservation issues relating to bats and quotes of £30,000-plus for, as it later emerged, unnecessary rebuilding work, the Maitlands could finally get on with the more enjoyable task of decorating the cottage.

That process was a lot more straightforward and one thing Kevin and Judi were absolutely certain about was the need to install woodburners to help the newly renovated Cosy Cottage really live up to its name.

They opted to install the Mazona Orlando multi-fuel stove, with its 5.6kW heat output, cast iron construction and five-year guarantee.

On their decision to install wood-burning stoves, Judi said: “The property has two chimneys, so it seemed appropriate to have woodburners in a little cottage.

“They look great, and are really in keeping with the cottage. We went for the Mazona Orlando and it’s exactly what we wanted.”

Despite the stoves being installed and the cottage now looking lovely, there is still work to do.

Judi revealed: “We’ve still got work to do. Nothing has been done to the place for about 40 years, so you can imagine. As I said to my husband, this is work in progress. It’s not done!

“You’re never finished with houses, they always need attention and if you don’t attend to them, they cry. When spring comes, we can start thinking about it.”

Fortunately, the woodburners are their to keep Cosy Cottage cosy through the winter.

Do you like the look of the Mazona Orlando? At the time of writing, it is down to £199 in the January sale.

Have a closer look now.

SALE! 3 stunning woodburners, each just £199


Unbelievable value on some of our most popular stoves

We’re kicking off 2015 with some incredible deals that make a wood-burning stove more attainable then ever before.

No fewer than 3 of our best-selling appliances are available for just £199 until the end of January.

Mazona Rocky 6 kW Multi-fuel Wood Burning Stove


Consistently one of our best-selling stoves, the Rocky delivers a heat output of 6kW. That’s a great return at its usual price point of £234, let alone at £199. More details.

Thoughts from somebody who’s already bought it.

“My Rocky 6kw Multi-Fuel Stove has just been fitted and I couldn’t be happier, I love it. I was very impressed with the product and the service I received from Gr8fires and would recommend them to anyone.”Pamela Lloyd. Read more reviews.


Mazona Small Orlando 5.6 kW Multi-Fuel Wood Burning Stove


Slightly smaller than the Rocky (but only by 0.4kW), the Orlando is ideal for compact rooms, caravans, cabins and boats. Like the Rocky, it’s made from cast iron and comes with a 5-year guarantee. More details.

Thoughts from somebody who’s already bought it.

“Have to say looks fantastic! Excellent value for money, looks a lot more expensive than it was. Family and friends are also looking to purchase same as or similar from you.” Deb Heapy. Read more reviews.


Mazona Calcot 5.5 kW Multi-fuel Wood Burning Stove


The Calcot is more contemporary in its styling than the Rocky and Orlando, which makes it perfect if you prefer modern decor. Again, your £199 gets you cast iron construction and a five-year guarantee. More details.

Thoughts from somebody who’s already bought it.

“Seems to be an excellent fire. Well pleased with purchase and service.” Richard.

And that’s not all…

If you’re looking for a bigger woodburner, we’ve also got incredible discounts on the Evergreen ST0406 Poplar 8 kW Multi-Fuel Stove and the Mazona Olympus 8 kW Multi-fuel Wood Burning Stove, which are both available for only £229.

In both cases, that’s an impressive 8kW heat output for an outlay of just £229.

These offers end on 31 January, 2015, so shop now to take advantage of the discounted prices.

Wood Burning Stoves Advice Hub

Welcome to the Wood Burning Stoves Advice Hub – a collection of some of our key resources when it comes to providing you with tips and pointers on woodburners.

Below, you will find a wealth of information on everything from what size of stove you need to how much it will cost to install a wood burning stove, and from building regulations on stove installations to solving common problems with woodburners.

Best of all, each of the resources listed is absolutely free for you to download or view to help you along the way in your journey as a wood-burning stove owner.

The Wood Burning Stove Guide

This ebook is the ultimate source when it comes to wood burning stove advice. It is 100 pages long and it is packed with information on just about every aspect of buying, installing and owning a woodburner. Download it now for free.

The Factsheet: Your All-In-One Guide To Woodburners

If you prefer to get your wood burning stove advice in shorter form than a book, this factsheet is a helpful alternative. It covers many of the points covered in the book in snappy, bullet-point form. Download the factsheet now.

Stove size calculator

Stove Size Calculator
Perhaps the first piece of wood burning stoves advice most people want is to find out what size stove they need. Our free calculator helps you to work out the appropriate heat output for your room. Try the stove size calculator now.

Stove installation cost calculator

Stove Installation Cost Calculator
Just as important as finding the right woodburner is working out how much it will cost to install it. This downloadable spreadsheet will help you to calculate approximate installation costs. Download the stove installation cost calculator.

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