Why has your wood-burning stove rusted? Find out what causes rust on a woodburner

A wood-burning stove is a big investment, so the last thing you want to see is rust appearing on it.

Unfortunately, rust and corrosion can sometimes happen. In this article we’re going to explore some of the causes of rust on a woodburner. Hopefully you’ll be able to find out why your wood-burning stove has rusted and minimise the risk of it corroding further in the future.

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Woodburners, Covid-19 and a slower pace of life

The effects of Covid-19 have been devastating on people, healthcare systems, businesses and economies around the world. The pandemic’s profound effects on our way of life continue and looks set to do so for many months to come.

Yet, for all the danger, disruption and uncertainty, some people who have managed to avoid the most severe medical and financial consequences of coronavirus have been able to find silver linings in their situation.

Social media is full of people expressing some degree of satisfaction about living life without their daily commute; spending more quality time with loved ones; having greater opportunities to exercise or explore new hobbies; having the habits of consumerism curtailed; and easing into the new day with children, rather than rushing them out to childcare. In short, leading a slower pace of life.

That got us thinking about the overlap with the appeal of wood-burning stoves.

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Will my woodburner be banned?

If you’ve caught a glimpse of a few headlines in the past months (particularly prior to the coronavirus pandemic dominating the news agenda), you might have seen something about woodburners being banned and wondered to to yourself: “Will my woodburner be banned?”

Woodburner ban

The truth of the matter is that there is no woodburner ban. The ban will be on the burning of wet wood and of the use of household coal in wood-burning stoves. There is no ban on use of the appliances at all, only tighter restrictions on what can be burnt. The push to legislate for only well seasoned wood and smokeless fuels is in line with the advice we already give to customers. So it’s good news.

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