New Mazona stove models launched: meet Lydia and Oxford

New for 2018: the Mazona Lydia and the Mazona Oxford.
Mazona Oxford 5 Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

We are now stocking two newly launched models from the hugely popular Mazona Stoves range.

If you’ve read our list of 2017’s best-selling woodburners, you will have noted that it was dominated by the Mazona appliances.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that this year we will be selling two more stoves from the same manufacturer. Continue reading

Where are Carron Stoves made?

If you are considering buying an appliance from the Carron Stoves range you might be wondering where they are made. They are renowned for their high quality build, stylish design and exciting range of colour options, but where are Carron Stoves made? Let’s find out…

Carron Stoves are made in China.

The Carron brand has a long history dating back to the 16th century. The Carron Company was an ironworks established in 1759 on the banks of the River Carron near Falkirk, in Stirlingshire. It produced cannons, engines, pillar boxes, red telephone boxes and, of course, wood-burning stoves and ovens. Indeed, Benjamin Franklin is rumoured to have left a stove design at the Carron factory during a visit to the works.

The current generation of Carron woodburners is not related to the original company, which went into liquidation in 1982. They are made in China and imported to the UK and distributed by JIG UK Ltd, which is based in Lincolnshire.

What does that mean for you?

The fact that you’re looking for information about where Carron Stoves are made suggests that you have in mind that you like to buy a stove that was made in a particular country. For most people reading this blog that will be the UK, since that’s the market we serve. If that is true in your case, you might be interested in this article on British made wood burners.

Equally, if you were hoping to read that Carron are made in the UK, please don’t be too disappointed to learn that they are not. They are still excellent appliances that operate very well and look the part in any room. If finding out where Carron Stoves are made had led you to question buying one, please read the customer reviews on the model that you were thinking of getting. This should set your mind at rest because these are fantastic wood-burning stoves.

Have another look at the Carron Stoves range here.

England vs Slovakia: the wood-burning stove edition


England’s national football team face Slovakia this evening in their final group game of Euro 2016. Ahead of the match, we thought we’d have a little England vs Slovakia game of our own (with a wood-burning stove twist, of course).

Representing England is GBS (Great British Stoves), whose appliances are manufactured on these shores. They are going up against Slovakian brand Thorma.

The lineups

GBS are going with their biggest stove for the crucial match: the GBS Mariner 7kW multi-fuel stove.

Thorma are deploying the Thorma Andorra 7.5kW Wood Burning Stove.

Heat output

There’s very little to choose between the two sides here. The GBS Mariner claims a heat output of 7kW, while the Thorma Andorra is 7.5kW. That makes both suitable to use in medium to large rooms. Use our stove size calculator to check.


The Slovakians have the edge here. The Andorra 7.5kW is designed as a freestanding appliance. At 1100mm high, 510mm wide and 455m deep, it is much larger than the Mariner 7kW, which is 507mm high, 406mm wide and 376mm deep. But the English stove has the advantage that it is suitable to be used in a fireplace.


Both appliances offer a sleek, modern design. The GBS Mariner retains some tradition in that it still boasts the traditional stove silhouette, while the Thorma Andorra has an unusual cylindrical shape. Both look great in the modern home, so it’s just down to personal preference here.


England take the lead late on. With the GBS Mariner 7kW currently available for just £350 (down from its regular price of £540), they have a big advantage here. The Thorma Andorra offers good value at £992.32 (down from £1,653.85), but cannot compete with the heavy discount on the GBS stove.

Final score

A tight game that could have gone either way, but England and the GBS Mariner 7kW edge it due to that bargain price tag. Well played Slovakia and the Thorma Andorra 7.5kW – a great effort from an excellent stove.

Click here for a closer look at the GBS Mariner 7kW.

Click here for a closer look at the Thorma Andorra 7.5kW.

Meet the manufacturer: Firebelly Stoves

FireBelly Stoves

Yorkshire-based Firebelly Stoves is one of the latest wood-burning stove manufacturers to be stocked by That means it is the next brand to be featured in our Meet the manufacturer blog series.

In this article, we’ll aim to give you a flavour of Firebelly Stoves by looking at some of the key appliances within the range.

Firebelly designs and manufactures its stoves. The collection includes wood burning, multi-fuel and gas stoves, each of which are made in the distinctive Firebelly style. Continue reading

Meet the manufacturer: Carron Stoves

Carron Stoves

Lincolnshire-based stove manufacturer Carron Stoves has a history dating back to 1760. In those days, the company was based in Stirlingshire, Scotland, but was engineering and designing stoves and fireplaces even then.

With that proud heritage under their belt, Carron is now producing some outstanding contemporary wood-burning stoves. We’ll explore some of those stoves in this Meet The Manufacturer article, the latest of our blog posts examining the wood-burning stove brands stocked by Gr8fires. Continue reading

Meet the manufacturer: Evergreen Stoves

Evergreen Stoves

In the latest installment of our series exploring some of the main stove manufacturers stocked by Gr8fires, we’ll be looking at a few of the key appliances in the Evergreen Stoves range.

Evergreen makes multi-fuel stoves that are notable for the ornate decoration that is a common theme across all its stoves.

It is also renowned for offering great value for money. Evergreen stoves are among the most reasonably priced on the market, providing great heat output throughout the range. So, no matter what size of room you need to heat, you’ll find a great option that won’t break the bank.

Let’s have a look at three stoves that will give you a taster of what Evergreen offers. Continue reading

Meet the manufacturer: Dimplex Stoves

Dimplex Stoves

Dimplex Stoves is the solid fuel appliance branch of Dimplex, which is perhaps best known to most consumers as a manufacturer of electric fires. At Gr8fires we stock both Dimplex electric fires and stoves. In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on the stoves.

The Southampton-based company keeps its solid fuel range limited, which makes it perfect for this whistle-stop guide to the range. Continue reading

Watch your Arada stove being made

If you have ever wondering how a wood-burning stove is made, wonder no more.

This excellent video, made by stove manufacturer Arada, shows you the exact manufacturing process that is followed to create the excellent finished products you see for sale on our website.

So, before you buy an Arada stove from the site, you can see how a fairly uninspiring sheet of metal is transformed into a beautifully designed appliance that will bring warmth to your home. Continue reading

Meet the manufacturer: Villager Stoves

Villager Stoves

Just like the Aarrow Stoves we’ve previously showcased, Villager Stoves are the work of British company Arada Ltd.

Each Villager stove is hand-finished to the highest standards of workmanship. Every part of the stove, including the smaller details like the door hinges, are made on site. So Villager stoves have a consistent level of quality throughout the production process.

Let’s take a look at a handful of stoves in the Villager Stoves range. Continue reading

Meet the manufacturer: Mazona Stoves

Mazona Stoves

Gr8fires’ Mazona Stoves collection is defined by a collection of classic cast iron stoves available at very reasonable prices.

The stoves are traditional in appearance, boasting an undeniably classic design. And yet there is more to the Mazona range than that.

The timeless appliances are boosted with modern features, including the option for top or rear flue outlets, riddling multi-fuel grates and airwash. The secondary air vent that provides the airwash also supports clean burn technology, which ensures that you get the most from your fuel.

And that fuel can be either coal or wood. All of the Mazona Stoves range are multi-fuel stoves, giving you options when it comes to choosing what to burn.

Let’s take a look at some of the key Mazona stoves we stock.

Mazona Rocky 6kW Multi-Fuel Stove

The Mazona Rocky is consistently one of our best-selling wood-burning stoves. The reasons for that are very simple: it is classically-styled cast iron stove, boasting a five-year warranty, a 6kW heat output and a very low price tag.

Mazona Signet 4 kW Multi Fuel
signets_1 (2)
Hot on the heels of the Rocky is its little sibling, the Signet. This 4kW is starting to give the Rocky a run for its money in the best-seller stakes.

Its heat output makes it a perfect option for snug rooms, caravans, boats and cabins.

Mazona Orlando 4.5kW Multi-Fuel Stove Small
Mazona Orlando 4.5kW Multi-Fuel Stove Small

The 4.5kW Orlando stove is the entry level appliance in our Mazona range. As always, it’s about getting the right heat output for your needs. If 4.5kW is enough for you and your room then you’re in luck, because the small Orlando offers great value for money.

Mazona Orlando 8kW Multi-Fuel Stove Double Door Medium
Mazona Orlando 8kW Multi-Fuel Stove Double Door Medium

This model is the starting point of the Orlando family. All the other Orlando stoves take their lead from the 8kW version. Continuing the Mazona theme, the Orlando is traditional an appearance. But that hides some distinctly contemporary design features. The ornate cast iron decoration on the stove may add an authentic look, but it also increases the amount of heat given off by creating a large surface area.

We’re featuring the double-door version of the stove here, but it is also available in a single-door version. That ensures an unbroken view of your flames and arguably a slightly more modern appearance.

Mazona Orlando 10kW Multi-Fuel Stove Double Door Large
Mazona Orlando 10kW Multi-Fuel Stove Double Door Large

The basics should now be familiar, but they’re all bigger and better on this 10kW appliance. Again, the design features – including fins on the back panel of the stove – help to increase the output and heat your room. Given its considerable heating capability, this version of the Orlando is best-suited to large, open rooms.

Check out our full Mazona Stoves range.