Is a woodburner hygge?

Hygge is a Danish word that famously has no direct translation into English. It has risen to prominence in recent years, aided by the popularity of Scandi decor and Nordic television programmes, and begun to enter the English lexicon (helped by the aforementioned absence of a literal translation).

The word describes the feeling or mood created by the pleasure of making regular household activities more meaningful, beautiful or special. It is often loosely translated as cosiness, though that doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head.

Denmark’s tourism website Visit Denmark says: “In essence, hygge means creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you.”

That’s good enough for us: on the basis of that explanation a woodburner is definitely hygge. Lighting a stove makes the atmosphere in a home more beautiful and special. It definitely creates a warm atmosphere and it encourages friends and loved ones to gather. Sounds pretty hygge to us.

The same source says that, although part of the Danish language since the 18th century, the word has its origins in Norwegian, where it meant something close to well-being. Given the warmth created, reduction in energy bills and environmental benefits of installing a woodburner in your home, a stove ticks that hygge box, too.

We’ve written previously about the social benefits that come from owning a wood-burning stove and there’s no doubt that contributes to some pretty significant hygge, too. Not least when cosying up together and getting wrapped up in warm clothing to go and collect firewood.

So, if you’re keen to add a sense of hygge to your home, a wood-burning stove is definitely going to be a step in the right direction. And if you want to really create a Scandinavian vibe to your living room, you might like to consider some of these Scandi style woodburners.

Cheap wood burners for sheds

Do you have a shed in your garden? A shed can be a fantastic extension of your home. It can be a home office, a hideaway, a workshop, a place to plan and prepare gardening and a host of other things. It can also be very chilly.

Whatever the many benefits of having a stove, cosiness is not usually one of them. Sheds are seldom insulated at all, let alone as well insulated as our homes, so they can feel draughty and chilly.

But that’s nothing that can’t be changed by installing a wood-burning stove in your shed. Given that we’re talking about a stove for an outbuilding rather than your house, you probably don’t want to break the bank. With that in mind, here are our recommendations of cheap wood burners for sheds.

Mazona Rocky 6kW

The Mazona Rocky is our best-selling stove. It’s also a snip at just £199 at the time of writing, which is excellent considering it pumps out 6kW of heat. It’s also a sturdy and traditional cast iron appliance. Click here for a closer look.

Mazona Signet 4kW

If you’re looking for a stove for a smaller shed, the Mazona Signet could be the right option. Its 4kW heat output is smaller than the Rocky, but it includes all of its main features, which makes it ideal for sheds in which the bigger stove would be overpowering. Click here for a closer look.

Mazona Olympus 8 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

At the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’ve got a large shed to heat, the Olympus boasts an impressive 8kW heat output. That will provide warmth to even sizeable spaces. Click here for a closer look.

Evergreen Ashley 5kW

No electricity in your shed? No problem. The Evergreen Ashley has two hotplates on top, so you can keep a kettle handy, and maybe even treat yourself to a stew or a soup. It has a cast iron body in an eye-catching rounded design and generates a 5kW heat output. Click here for a closer look.

GBS Mariner 7kW

A more contemporary look is provided by the GBS Mariner, a sleek, steel appliance that generates 7kw of heat.

Looking for something else? Click here to view more stoves.

New Year’s Resolutions: be a better wood-burning stove owner in 2017

Happy New Year to you. If your original New Year’s Resolutions have already gone by the wayside, you can at least resolve to be a better wood-burning stove owner.

This resolutions on this list will help you to take better care of your woodburner, which will help it to last longer and ultimately save you money.

So without further ado, here are our New Year’s Resolutions for 2017.

I will only burn seasoned wood

Yes, it’s sometimes easy to find or buy green logs and chuck them straight on the stove, but it really is a false economy. The high level of moisture in unseasoned wood means much of the energy generated by burning a log goes on evaporation instead of heating your room. This causes the stove to operate inefficiently, which means it creates build-ups of creosote in your flue. This further reduces the efficiency of your stove and increases the risk of a chimney fire.

I will check the moisture content of the logs I burn.

The best way to avoid the problems mentioned in our previous resolution is to be aware of the moisture content of the wood you are planning to use a fuel. A moisture meter is a quick and easy way to check that the logs are seasoned sufficiently.

I will always close my stove door

We know some of you like to sneakily open the door of your stove to feel the full force of the flames. While the appeal is understandable, doing this does not do your stove any good whatsoever. A woodburner is designed so that the flames heat the metal and the metal heats the room and everything in it (including you). Opening the door allows to much oxygen into the firebox, which causes overfiring and might result in permanent damage to your appliance.

I will not burn wood and coal simultaneously

Multi-fuel stoves are designed to burn wood or coal, not wood and coal. Burning both at the same time causes the moisture in the wood and sulphur in the coal to combine, creating a nasty solution that will corrode your stove.

I will not burn household coal

Household coal is actually quite a volatile fuel. Before it catches light, it will release a considerable amount of thick, yellow-grey smoke that can create an explosive flash capable of damaging your stove’s glass or flue system.

I will read my stove manual

If you read the manual for your wood-burning stove, you will probably find most of these resolutions being discussed in one form or other, along with other guidance on operating your stove. If you don’t have a manual, download this free book for general advice on wood-burning stove.

Best selling wood burning stoves of 2016

2016 was certainly a year of big upheaval. Little wonder that many people chose to seek solace in the comfort and tradition of a wood burning stove. In this article we will run through the best selling wood burning stoves of 2016. Perhaps it will provide a little inspiration if you’re looking for a wood burning stove in 2017.

1. Mazona Rocky 6 kW

2015’s best selling wood burning stove finds itself in top spot again for 2016. The Rocky continues to sell in large numbers due to its solid cast iron build, timeless design and bargain price tag. Click here for a closer look.

2. Mazona Olympus 8 kW

Another non-mover. The Olympus was our second best selling stove in 2015 and that trend continued last year. It boasts a similar design to its stablemate, the Rocky, and many of the same features. This was favoured by customers who wanted the additional oomph of an 8kW heat output at a very reasonable price. Click here for a closer look.

3. Mazona Signet 4 kW

Mazona Signet small woodburner
It’s a clean sweep of the top three places for Mazona, with the Signet taking third place on our best sellers list. In a wood burning stove equivalent of the Goldilocks story, this appliance was favoured by those looking for a small wood burner with a lower heat output than the Rocky. The 4kW generated by the Signet is ideal for small spaces. Click here for a closer look.

4. Evergreen ST0406GS Poplar 6.8 kW

There might be a bit of a pattern emerging here. It might be a different brand, but the offering is very familiar as far as this list is concerned: a classic and traditional wood burning stove design, a decent heat output and a bargain price tag. That was a recipe that appealed to stove shoppers in 2016. Click here for a closer look.

5. GBS Mariner 4 kW

Another stove that caters to those looking for a small woodburner to heat a small space. Unlike the other best selling wood burning stoves, the Mariner 4kW boasts a contemporary design. A high quality steel body, sleek and minimalist features and affordable design have seen this British-made appliance win favour with our customers. Click here for a closer look.