Comparing the cost of running a woodburner with the price of oil, gas and electricity in 2019

Price is a major factor for many people when they are considering buying a woodburner.

Yes, there is significant outlay in order to buy and install your stove, but will it save your money in the long-term?

To answer that we need to look at running costs in comparison to other forms of heating, which is easier said than done for a few reasons… Continue reading

Which woods shouldn’t you burn on a woodburner?

It goes without saying that a wood-burning stove can be used to burn wood (the clue is in the name). But what isn’t immediately apparent is that there are some woods that you shouldn’t burn on a woodburner.

For a variety of reasons, there are woods that are best avoided when you are choosing the fuel for your stove. Here are some types of wood we would advise you not to burn on a woodburner. Continue reading