Shut that door! The importance of closing the door on a wood-burning stove

Shut that door

Something that often causes confusion among wood-burning stove newcomers is the door. Should it be open? Should it be closed?

The short answer is closed.

And in most stoves it’s better to close the door as soon as possible. The reason is quite simple. With the door closed, your stove is up to 60% more efficient than if you have the door open. That means more heat in the room and less expense for you.

The confusion probably stems from people who are used to that instant blast of heat that comes from lighting an open fire. With a wood burner, you’re not supposed to feel the heat from the flames. Not directly, at least.

The flames in the firebox heats the metal panels that make up your stove. They, in turn, heat the rest of the room. It’s a more efficient way of heating your home than an open fire because less heat escapes.

If you think about it, closed is the obvious answer. Otherwise some enterprising company would have stopped putting the doors on and sold them at a cheaper price!

When to close the door

Assuming you’ve set your stove with newspaper and kindling, as soon as you’ve lit the newspaper is usually the best time to close the door. You should already have the air vents open while lighting the stove, so there is still a good air supply.

Some stove manufacturers prefer you to keep the door slightly open during these initial stages of the lighting process. Check your manufacturer’s manual to see if this is recommended for your stove.

You’ll soon learn what works best for your stove from experimenting. Even if you are leaving the door ajar, as soon as the stove is properly lit you should close the door.

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Get the fireplace accessories that complement your wood-burning stove

Get the fireplace accessories that complement your wood-burning stove

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Meet the manufacturer: Mazona Stoves

Mazona Stoves

Gr8fires’ Mazona Stoves collection is defined by a collection of classic cast iron stoves available at very reasonable prices.

The stoves are traditional in appearance, boasting an undeniably classic design. And yet there is more to the Mazona range than that.

The timeless appliances are boosted with modern features, including the option for top or rear flue outlets, riddling multi-fuel grates and airwash. The secondary air vent that provides the airwash also supports clean burn technology, which ensures that you get the most from your fuel.

And that fuel can be either coal or wood. All of the Mazona Stoves range are multi-fuel stoves, giving you options when it comes to choosing what to burn.

Let’s take a look at some of the key Mazona stoves we stock.

Mazona Rocky 6kW Multi-Fuel Stove

The Mazona Rocky is consistently one of our best-selling wood-burning stoves. The reasons for that are very simple: it is classically-styled cast iron stove, boasting a five-year warranty, a 6kW heat output and a very low price tag.

Mazona Signet 4 kW Multi Fuel
signets_1 (2)
Hot on the heels of the Rocky is its little sibling, the Signet. This 4kW is starting to give the Rocky a run for its money in the best-seller stakes.

Its heat output makes it a perfect option for snug rooms, caravans, boats and cabins.

Mazona Orlando 4.5kW Multi-Fuel Stove Small
Mazona Orlando 4.5kW Multi-Fuel Stove Small

The 4.5kW Orlando stove is the entry level appliance in our Mazona range. As always, it’s about getting the right heat output for your needs. If 4.5kW is enough for you and your room then you’re in luck, because the small Orlando offers great value for money.

Mazona Orlando 8kW Multi-Fuel Stove Double Door Medium
Mazona Orlando 8kW Multi-Fuel Stove Double Door Medium

This model is the starting point of the Orlando family. All the other Orlando stoves take their lead from the 8kW version. Continuing the Mazona theme, the Orlando is traditional an appearance. But that hides some distinctly contemporary design features. The ornate cast iron decoration on the stove may add an authentic look, but it also increases the amount of heat given off by creating a large surface area.

We’re featuring the double-door version of the stove here, but it is also available in a single-door version. That ensures an unbroken view of your flames and arguably a slightly more modern appearance.

Mazona Orlando 10kW Multi-Fuel Stove Double Door Large
Mazona Orlando 10kW Multi-Fuel Stove Double Door Large

The basics should now be familiar, but they’re all bigger and better on this 10kW appliance. Again, the design features – including fins on the back panel of the stove – help to increase the output and heat your room. Given its considerable heating capability, this version of the Orlando is best-suited to large, open rooms.

Check out our full Mazona Stoves range.

Types of fuel for use in wood burners and multi-fuel stoves

Types of fuel for use in wood burners and multi-fuel stoves

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While we’ll try to keep the advice as general as possible, it’s worth pointing out that anything your manufacturer says in the user manual about the type of fuel that’s best for your stove should take precedence over our tips.  Continue reading