Installing a wood-burning stove in a static caravan or mobile home

GBS Marner woodburner for caravan

Static caravans and mobile homes make for great holiday hideaways but, given that they are usually made of fairly thin metal, in cooler weather they are not always the cosiest of places in which to relax.

Increasingly, people are installing woodburners in their caravan to ensure that the British climate doesn’t reduce the amount of time they can spend there, and to create a snug and homely atmosphere for their family.

But many people are still unsure about the feasibility of such a project. A large number of caravan owners still contact us to ask: “Is it possible to install a wood-burning stove in a caravan?”

This answer is always a resounding ‘yes’, as long as it is a well-planned and safely carried out.

Inevitably, there are a lot of considerations along the way. Here are some of the main ones…

Fireproof materials

Your installation is likely to include changing materials in the vicinity of your new stove. It’s a legal requirement that you don’t have flammable materials next to your stove. That means wood and hardboard must be kept well away.

Get more information from the Building Regulations.

Building a hearth

Remember that among those fireproof materials surrounding your stove, it will need to rest on a hearth. This is a requirement for the aforementioned Building Regulations.

This is one popular hearth option.

The hole in the roof

Obviously you’ll need to run a flue pipe through the roof of your caravan. And, equally obviously, it’s something you’ll want to get right first time. Do your research before even thinking about making a start on the hole. In fact, you might consider…

Using a professional installer

We know that many caravan owners enjoy the challenge of installing their woodburner as a DIY project. But we would recommend you consider bringing in a HETAS-qualified engineer who is well versed in all the legal and safety requirements of your installation.

Find out more about HETAS installers.

Flue walls

There is likely to be wood in the roof structure of your caravan, which poses a fire risk when positioned next to a standard single wall flue pipe.

So for the section directly before and through the roof, you’re likely to need a twin wall flue. A HETAS engineer would be able to advise on the most suitable way of achieving this in your caravan.

Generating hot water

Some caravan owners use the stove installation process to address their hot water supply. Installing a boiler stove will allow you to cut your reliance on gas by using heat generated from the woodburner to provide hot water and warm radiators.

Installing a boiler stove is likely to be a more expensive and complicated job, but you might consider it’s worthwhile for the extra convenience and the savings on gas.

Appropriate stove size

Keep in mind that your caravan is not likely to need a heat output of a regular living room.

It will probably hold the heat well given the snug space. You can use our stove size calculator as an approximate guide.

The chances are you will want one of our recommended small wood-burning stoves.

Arada Stoves Price Rise: Aarrow, Villager and Stratford stove prices to increase by up to 6%


We’ve received written notice from Arada, one of our suppliers, that they will be implementing price rises on all stoves, effective from 1 June, which will see the price of some appliances rise by up to 6%.

Arada is the manufacturer of our hugely popular Aarrow, Villager and Stratford stove ranges.

Som if you had your eye on a stove from one of those ranges, it’s worthwhile buying now before the price increases at the end of the month.

With that in mind, here are some of our recommended stoves from the Aarrow, Villager and Stratford lines.

Aarrow Acorn View 4 kW Flexifuel Multi-Fuel Wood Burning Stove

The Acorn is the smallest stove in the Aarrow range, but it’s also one of the most popular. Despite its 4kW heat output, it manages to pack a considerable punch.

It also boasts 80% efficiency, an attractive glass viewing area and a flexifuel system to burn wood and solid fuel cleanly.

Find out more.

Also available in 5kW version.

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 7 kW Flexifuel Multi-fuel Wood Burning Stove
Aarrow Ecoburn Stove

Find out more.

Also available in 4kW and 5kW versions.

Aarrow Inset Ecoburn 7 kW Multi-Fuel Wood Burning Stove
Aarrow Ecoburn 7 kw stove

The Inset Ecoburn is a cassette stove model of the outstanding freestanding Ecoburn stoves.

This 7kW version is one of our bestselling inset stoves and makes converting a standard open fireplace into a multi-fuel stove simple and straightforward.

Find out more.

Villager Puffin 4 kW Multi Fuel Stove

The entry stove of the Villager collection is the small but perfectly formed Puffin. This 4kW appliance is ideal for small rooms, cabins, boats and caravans.

It’s slightly more traditional in appearance than the similar sized stove in Aarrow range.

Find out more.

Aarrow i500 7 kW Flexifuel Convector Stove
Aarrow i500 stove

The iSeries of Aarrow stoves, as exemplified by this i500 7kw version, are stylish inset casette stoves.

They simply slot into a recess for a space-saving, energy efficient choice of stove.

Find out more.

Also available in other sizes and different iSeries styles.

Villager C Flat Solo 5 kW Wood Burning Stove
Villager C Flat Wood Burning Stove

The Villager Flat is a distinctive woodburner that combines a contemporary silhouette with some classic detailing.

Its curved edges and lines help it to stand out of the crowd.

Find out more.

Also available in a duo door version.

Stratford 25HE Eco Boiler Multi-fuel Boiler Stove
Stratford 25HE Boiler Stove

Arada’s Stratford line specialises in boiler stoves. They borrow the sleek lines and modern looks of the Aarrow range.

This 25 HE version is one of the most popular models. It produces enough heat to warm a decent-sized room, while also incorporating a boiler that can plumbed into your central heating and hot water system.

Also available in 7 HE, 9 HE, 12 HE, 16 HE and 20 HE versions.

Buy now before prices go up on June 1, 2014.

Limited offer: Buy a wood-burning stove for just £199 this month

Mazona Signet Multi Fuel Stove

The Mazona Signet 4kW multi-fuel stove is priced at £199 this month.

Our popular Signet stove (RRP: £320.00) is currently available for less than the average quarterly energy bill. That’s right, you can buy your new wood-burning stove for less than £200 until the end of May.

So, what will you get for your investment?

Cast iron, guaranteed

The Mazona Signet is made from high quality cast iron. The body of your stove will be under guarantee for the next 5 years to give you extra piece of mind.

4kW heat output
With its heat output of 4kW, the Signet is ideal for snug spaces, cosy rooms, or if you want your stove to supplement an existing form of heating in your home.

Great features
Your stove will come with traditional styled brass knobs and a robust brass door hinge bar for a classic look. It includes primary and secondary air controls so that you can manage an efficient burn.

It also includes an airwash system (to keep your glass clean) and a riddling grate (to make it easy to empty ashes). Find out more about the stove.

14-day money-back guarantee
If for any reason you change your mind, you can return your stove in the condition you received it within 14 days for a full refund under our Money-Back Guarantee.

5-star reviews
The Signet gets glowing customer reviews. Take our most recent review, from our customer Rod, as an example:

“This stove is just great. Easy to install, small but very powerful.”

Read more reviews of the Mazona Signet.

£199 offer – for one month only

It’s practically unheard of to be able to buy one for less than £200. You’re unlikely to be able to buy a stove at this price again (especially not when then the cold weather comes back).

Take a close look at the Mazona Signet right now.