Start 2016 with a Mazona Signet 4kW Multi-Fuel Stove

(WAS £286.80, NOW £178.80)
signets_1 (2)

Celebrate the New Year by treating yourself to the Mazona Signet 4kW, which is currently down to just £178.80 in our January sale.

That’s an impressive £108 off its regular price.

The Signet is one of our best-selling little stoves. The reasons for that include:

  • Its 4kW heat output, which is ideally suited to smaller rooms, cabins, shed, caravans, boats and barges.
  • A classically-styled traditional stove design in quality cast iron.
  • A five-year guarantee covering the stove body.
  • An airwash system to keep the glass clean.
  • Its 80% efficiency when burning wood.
  • A riddling grate, which makes
  • Its excellent price tag, which is less than the average quarterly energy bill.
  • Its positive reviews, including this one from our customer Rod: “This stove is just great. Easy to install, small but very powerful.”

Click here for a closer look at the Mazona Signet. Boxing Day Sale Now On


The Boxing Day Sale has launched today.

Some of our most popular products are now available at discounted prices. The offers run until January 31, 2016, but are subject to stock availability (so don’t hang around if something has caught your eye).

Among the highlights of the sale are…

Mazona Signet 4kW Multi-Fuel Stove (WAS £286.80, NOW £179)
One of our most popular small stoves, the little Mazona Signet is available for the bargain price of £179 in the sales. We’re expecting high demand for this appliance given the £108 saving on its regular price. Click here for a closer look.

Invicta Oracle 14 kW Wood Burning Stove (WAS £995, NOW £899)
Invicta are renowned for their stylish, eye-catching wood-burning stoves. In our sale you can pick up the Oracle at a heavily discounted price. Click here for a closer look.

Invicta Chamane 14kW Wood-Burning Stove (WAS £870, NOW £799)
Another bargain from the Invicta range. The Chamane is down to £799 in our Boxing Day sale. It is a distinctive free-standing stove, which adds a great focal point to larger rooms. Click here for a closer look.

Ezee Glow WH2 Annalee Electric Fire (WAS £164, NOW £120)
It’s not just wood-burning stoves in the sales. There are also some great deals to be had on electric fires. Among them is this Ezee Glow WH2 Annalee, a stylish wall hung electric fire featuring a mirrored mount. Click here for a closer look.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Click here to see the full sale.

Important: Gr8Fires Christmas delivery information

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Christmas dispatch cut-off date

Are you planning on buying something from us to make your home a bit cosier this Christmas?

If so, please get your order in sooner rather than later.

The deadline for pre-Christmas delivery is this Friday, December 18.

Subject to stock availability, orders placed on or before the deadline should arrive before Christmas.

We will continue to dispatch orders until Tuesday, December 22, but there is no guarantee that items sent during this period will arrive for Christmas.

Christmas opening hours

You can continue to shop on the website and place orders throughout the Christmas period.

The office will close at 5pm on Tuesday, December 22, and will reopen on Monday, January 4. Any orders placed while the office is closed will be processed and readied for dispatch when we reopen on January 4.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on the number at the top of the page.

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Add some bargain heat to your home with the Ezee Glow Clarke Electric Fire


Would you like add a bit of extra heat to your home at a very reasonable price and with minimal installation upheaval? If so, the Ezee Glow Clarke electric fire is an option worth exploring.

The Clarke is available in chrome or brass effect finish, costs just £99 and simply slots into an existing fireplace.

The heater has two settings – 1 kW and 2 kW – while the low-energy LED flame effect has a bulb life of 50,000 hours operation and can be used independently of the heater to create a cosy atmosphere even when the heat is off.

What customers think of the Ezee Glow Clarke

We think the Ezee Glow Clarke is a great little electric fire. But what matters more is what people who already own it have to say about it:

“I am really pleased with both the appearance and performance of the fire. It was extremely easy to install and it is much warmer than my previous fire. Thank you.”


“Absolutely fantastic buy, easy installation, professional look and good heat output. Looks like a gas fire insert. Glow setting without heater on is a real bonus. Highly recommended.”


“Excellent value for price we paid and also gives out excellent heat. Light in fire looks fab on a dark night.”

Read more Ezee Glow Clarke reviews on the product pages. Click here for chrome and click here for brass effect.

Stop your woodburner from warping

It costs less than a large takeaway pizza… but could help your stove to last for years longer


One of the biggest causes of damage to woodburners is overfiring. In other words, operating the stove at too high a temperature.

Overfiring can lead to damage and warping to the internal parts and flue. It can also crack the glass in the stove.

Plus, it increases your costs by burning the fuel too quickly.

How do you know if the stove is overfiring?

The way to test if the temperature is too high in your woodburner is the same as testing if the temperature of anything is too high: use a thermometer.

A stove pipe thermometer will allow you to easily check that the stove is operating at optimum temperature for efficiency and to avoid unnecessary damage to your appliance.

Buy one now to avoid further damage to your stove.

One customer explains why he recommends Evergreen stoves

Gr8Fires customer Bob Gibbs kindly got in touch recently to tell us why he would recommend Evergreen stoves to anybody. Bob is better positioned than most to make such as recommendation: he has owned no fewer than three separate Evergreen woodburners to date.

We’ll let him talk through his experiences to date with each of the appliances in his own words.

“My first Evergreen woodburner was a Larch STO311A 6.5kW. It performed perfectly but it was easier to keep burning with coal rather than wood because of its small thermal mass.


“My next woodburner was an Evergreen Ash STO147A 7kW. I don’t really know why but this one gave fantastic results and was easy to both light and burn with wood and coal. When we used just wood, we found it best to take out the grate inside.


“We finally gave this woodburner to a friend and it is still being used today.

“We decided replace the Ash with another Evergreen woodburner, this time an Olive STO147-11 7kW. We have been just as pleased with this one and it was installed with the flue coming off the top. The liner, which goes up the chimney, is 16ft long and is 6inches in diameter. We light it with a single fire lighter under a log and it burns as if we had a blow lamp inside.


“We shut it down to reduce the air flow and therefore the burn rate in approximately 4 minutes after start up. This ensures that we control the rate at which the logs burn.

“All the Evergreen woodburners have worked extremely well and we would recommend this design to anybody. I really like the simplicity of their design which is probably why they burn so well.”

If that endorsement has encouraged you to explore the Evergreen stoves collection in more detail, you can do so by clicking here.

Best-selling woodburners – November 2015


It’s time for our monthly rundown of the hottest stoves of the past four weeks.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at‘s best-selling woodburners from November 2015.

1. Evergreen ST0406GS Poplar 8 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

Evergreen Poplar
Storming to the top of the charts for November 2015 is the impressive Evergreen Poplar GS. Aided by an equally impressive discount in our Black Friday sale, the Poplar captured the hearts of Gr8Fires customers last month. The sale might be over, but the good news is it is still available for a bargain price of just £255. Have a closer look.

2. Mazona Rocky 6 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

Mazona Rocky Cheap Wood-Burning Stove
A victim of its own popularity, last month’s bestseller went out of stock part-way through November after a surge of sales. Fear not, this firm favourite will be available again in the near future. Have a closer look.

3. Mazona Olympus 8 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

Mazona Olympus Bargain Multi-Fuel Stove
A non-mover at 3 is the Mazona Olympus, which was another appliance included in the Black Friday promotion. This 8kW appliance is effectively a bigger sibling to the Mazona Rocky. It’s another classically designed stove, boasting a cast-iron body, five-year guarantee and airwash system. Have a closer look.

4. GBS Mariner 4 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

GBS Mariner
The compact, chic little GBS Mariner drops one place, from three to four, in the November chart. This appliance is consistently popular, largely due to its stylish design and suitability to heat snug spaces. Have a closer look.

5. Mazona Small Orlando 5.6 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

mzsors_1 (3)
A new entry at five, the Mazona Orlando 5.6kW was another of the stoves included in the Black Friday sale. On the back of that, it has forced its way into the top 5 best-selling stoves in November. Have a closer look.

All prices correct at time of writing.