Finding an efficient woodburner to save you the most money possible

To save as much money as possible when buying a woodburner, you will want to make sure you buy an efficient stove. A stove that operates efficiently will require less fuel to run (reducing your fuel costs) and create more warmth with less fuel (reducing your reliance and expenditure on central heating bills).

How do you know if the stove you’re about to buy is an efficient woodburner?

You will find efficiency data on each of the woodburners for sale on on the relevant product page. But where do these figures come from and what do they mean?

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Will a woodburner save me money on my central heating bills?

Some people buy woodburners for the cosy atmosphere they create and to find the joy of having a real fire in their home. Others see it as a way to be more frugal with their heating costs and also want to make sure they see a return on their investment when installing a stove. So, will getting a woodburner save money on your central heating bills?

If you’re a pragmatic type or you feel you can’t justify installing a woodburner unless it’s going to pay its way, this article is for you.

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Blogger Chelsey Bowen shares photo gallery of her Mazona Olympus woodburner installation

Blogger and vlogger Chelsey Bowen has shared a photo gallery showing the inspiration behind her woodburner installation.

As part of the renovation of her home, Chelsey – who runs popular YouTube and Instagram accounts – opted to install one of our Mazona Olympus multi-fuel stoves. The decision to go ahead with that particular stove came at the end of a considerable period of deliberation, it seems.

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