Autumn’s here

You can always tell when autumn’s here,
And summer’s gone away.
The sunny weather disappears,
There, and then not one day.

There is no shortage of verse and rhyme,
About how leaves do fall,
After turning gold, or brown, or red:
Autumnal colours all.

Or how the leaves crinkle underfoot –
Soundtrack to the season.
But we always know when autumn’s here,
For a different reason.

A distinct bite to the air at night,
Or that first morning frost,
And the welcome return of a smell,
Familiar yet long lost.

The pleasant scent of a log burning:
Has someone lit the fire?
That sort of fragrance can capture you,
And all at once inspire.

It’s time to light the wood-burning stove,
And draw a chair up near.
The evidence is overwhelming,
That autumn is now here.

Which connector should you use when attaching a flue pipe to the rear exit of a woodburner?

Many wood-burning stoves come with the choice of attaching the flue pipe to either a top or rear flue exit. All things being equal, it’s best for a flue pipe to go up in a straight line in order to achieve the best draw and most efficient burn from your woodburner.

But in some instances it will make sense to use the rear exit. Circumstances when the rear exit might be better include installations in which the stove is sitting in front of, rather than directly under, a chimney, and installations in which the flue pipe is unable to go straight up because something is blocking its path. Continue reading