Installing a woodburner in summer

Summer might not be the time of year when you’re most pining for a wood-burning stove in your home, but it is a good time of year to think about buying and installing one.

Installing a woodburner in summer is actually quite a sensible option. For starters, it means your stove will already be there when you need it instead of reacting to a problem when it arises.

Planning ahead

Of course, only reacting to a problem when it arises is human nature, so stove installers are far busier during the cooler weather. If you can have the foresight to arrange your installation before the temperatures start to drop, you will have a wider choice of competent installers (before all the best ones get booked up weeks in advance).

Bargain hunting

Not all stove installers will be willing to discount their services – particularly when they are in such high demand – but those that will are more likely to do so in the summer months when jobs are a bit thinner on the ground. By installing a woodburner in summer, you are giving yourself the best possible opportunity of bagging a bargain.

Muddy feet

On a more practical level, there are also advantages to avoiding the worst of the weather when planning your woodburner installation. At its most basic level, this means your stove installer isn’t having to walk through mud, puddles and mushy, fallen leaves each time they go in and out of your home. Although the British summer might not always help you out in this regard, generally speaking your carpet will be safer if you choose to install in summer. Installing a woodburner in summer also minimises the risk of your installation being postponed due to particularly treacherous conditions: there is less chance of a icy roof tiles and high winds in the summer months.

Unexpected use

As we’ve mentioned in this blog post, another advantage of installing a woodburner in summer is that you might get some unexpected use from it. Sometimes it can get a bit chilly of an evening and occasionally we get some unseasonable weather in June, July and August, so a woodburner can be a useful thing to have at your disposal.

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Mazona Signet 4kW multi-fuel stove: now just £149

Great news: the Mazona Signet 4kW multi-fuel stove is now our best ever priced woodburner.

The price has dropped to £149, which represents unbelievable value for money.

Indeed, the Signet was already outstanding value even before the latest savings. For little more than an average monthly dual fuel bill for a UK household you get:

  • 5-year warranty on the stove body
  • Quality, sturdy cast iron construction
  • 80% efficiency when burning wood
  • Cast iron stove liners
  • Airwash to keep the glass clean
  • Riddling grate
  • Timeless design

The Signet is the smaller version of our popular Mazona Rocky 6kW multi-fuel stove. Its 4 kW heat output makes it ideal for smaller and snug spaces. If you want to add some warmth to a compact room, garage, shed, boat, barge or caravan, this is a great option to create a cosy atmosphere.

You can burn wood or smokeless coal, so you have the flexibility to choose the best fuel for you. As you can see, it is a great little stove that boasts a classic wood-burning stove designs. The cast iron body is topped by traditionally styled brass knobs and hinge.

Buying your new stove is more affordable than ever. Take control of your heating costs and end your reliance on gas, electric or oil central heating systems.

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Installing a log burner

Are you thinking of installing a log burner in your home? Let’s look at what that will entail.

Who should do the installation?

At its most basic level, log burner installation involves putting the appliance in place, putting a flue pipe in place, putting a flue liner down the chimney and connecting all the components. The work itself isn’t complicated, but the complicating factors are:

you will need to get up on your roof to install the flue liner
you will want to get every aspect of the installation correct due to the dangerous gases involved
if you do the installation yourself, you will need to get building control to approve the installation.

You can circumvent all three of those concerns by using a log burner installer who belong to a competent person scheme.

How much does installing a log burner cost?

That’s a tricky one to answer. It depends on whether you have a chimney, what building work (if any) is required, what type and length of flue pipe and liner is required. This spreadsheet helps to calculate the cost of installing a log burner.

Of course, installing your own stove is very cheap but will raise some of the issues mentioned above, included the costs accrued when dealing with building control at your local authority.

Do I need a flue liner?

If you have an existing chimney, you might not need to line it when installing a log burner. Keep in mind that there are performance benefits relating to the draw of your log burner that are achieved by installing a flue liner. If you are happy to go ahead without lining the chimney, you will need to check for any leaks. Find out more about that here.

What do I need for a flue installation?
In most cases, installing a flue or flue liner is a key part of installing a log burner. You need connections to your log burner, a twin wall flue or flexi flue liner and the fixtures and fittings where the flue exits your property. Find out more in this article.

What are the legal requirements?

A key consideration when installing a log burner is compliance with Document J of the Building Regulations. This relates to things such as distance to combustible materials, positioning of your flue terminal and size and thickness of your hearth. All those things and more are covered in this article.

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Free delivery on all Dimplex electric fires until 31 August, 2017

We’re offering free UK mainland delivery on all Dimplex electric fires until the end of the month.

There has never been a better time to buy, particularly if you are planning on getting a new electric fire for your home in time for this winter.

Until 31 August, 2017, all Dimplex electric fires bought from us will be delivered to you for free.

Dimplex makes some of the finest electric fires available and its models are consistently among our best-selling appliances.

The offer is subject to availability, so order early to avoid disappointment. As we mentioned, Dimplex appliances are always popular and our free delivery offer is only likely to increase that popularity.

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Need some inspiration? Here are some of our best-selling Dimplex electric fires, which are all available with free delivery until the end of August.

Dimplex Cheriton LED Freestanding Optiflame Electric Fire

The Dimplex Cheriton combines a traditional design, finished in black and brass effect, with modern LED lights and Optiflame® technology. You get the atmosphere of a real fire without the need for a chimney. Indeed, this appliance is designed to sit flat against any wall. Click here for a closer look.

Dimplex Club Electric Remote Control Stove

Get the look of a wood-burning stove without the installation costs and need to light a fire. The Dimplex Club looks like a woodburner, but gives you heat at the press of a button. It boasts a timeless stove design, with the controls hidden to add to that effect. Click here for a closer look.

Dimplex Horton Black Inset Optiflame Plus Electric Fire

Freshen up an existing fireplace with the Dimplex Horton, which will slot straight into 16-inch and 18-inch fireplace openings. Alternatively, it can be installed flat to a wall if you do not have a fireplace. The appliance is black with brass effect trim. The controls are neatly hidden beneath the stylish canopy. Click here for a closer look.

Dimplex Bach Wall Hung Electric Fire

Perfect for the modern home, the Dimplex Bach is designed to be hung on your wall. As a result, you can save valuable floorspace and get a great contemporary design feature. The flame effect can be used independently of the heat, so you can create a cosy atmosphere even when you don’t need to use the fire. Click here for a closer look.

Dimplex Springborne Electric Stove

Another electric stove, which brings with it the same benefits we mentioned in relation to the Dimplex Club. The Dimplex Springborne is in a double-door design, which creates a traditional and homely feel to the appliance. The Springborne is compact in stature and has been made to fit onto a standard hearth. Click here for a closer look.

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