How to use a log burner

With sales of wood-burning stoves on the rise in recent years, many homeowners have been thrown into the deep end and forced to get to grips with one of the oldest technologies known to humankind.

For people who have grown up with gas fires and electric fires in their homes, suddenly dealing with lighting, operating and maintaining a stove can be a bit of a shock to the system. Fortunately, it’s not rocket science and once you know how to use a log burner you will be wondering how you ever coped without one.

So, let’s start the process of learning how to use a log burner.

Lighting your stove
We have discussed how to light a wood-burning stove in more detail in this article, so check that out if you are new to lighting fires (or new to lighting them in stoves). We will summarise the essentials here:

  • Always use dried and preferably seasoned wood.
  • Use newspaper and kindling to start the fire.
  • Add logs when the kindling starts to char.
  • Experiment to perfect your fire-lighting technique.

Using your air vents
Both air vents should be opened while the stove is being lit. This is to allow oxygen to get into the firebox and help the fire to get going. With a log burner, you will then close the bottom vent and leave the top vent open. You can close the top vent slightly to limit the air supply and make the fuel last longer with a more efficient burn.

Closing your door
Something that often confuses people who are learning how to use a log burner is what to do with the door. Of course, the door needs to be open to load and light your stove. Some manufactures suggest leaving the door ajar during the lighting process, while others say it should be closed. Certainly by the time you’re adding proper logs to the stove, the door should be closed.

Cleaning your stove
Cleaning and maintaining your stove will keep it in prime condition and working efficiently for longer. Emptying your ashes regularly and giving your appliance a thorough clean every month or so will help to extend its lifespan. Learn move about cleaning your log burner in this article. Note: log burners do work best when the fuel sits on a shallow bed of ashes.

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