House filled with smoke when I first lit my woodburner. Why?

If you’ve lit your new woodburner for the first time and your house has suddenly filled with smoke, you’re probably wondered what you’ve let yourself in for with your new purchase.

In most cases there is a simple and (thankfully) short-term reason for the influx of smoke.

The most common cause of smoke in your room from a new wood-burning stove is that the paint is curing. On all woodburners, the stove paint used to finish the appliances isn’t correctly finished until it has been subjected to the intense heat of a fire at least once (and often three or four times). The curing process usually results in a bad smell coming from stove, but sometimes this is accompanied by smoke. Continue reading

Why does my woodburner keep going out?

If you’re reading this article, the chances are you’ve been having a frustrating experience with a woodburner.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to increase that frustration before we can solve the problem: it’s probably your fault that your woodburner keeps going out.

Nine times out of 10 operator error is the reason for the unintentional extinguishing of a fire in a woodburner. Please don’t take it personally – using a wood-burning stove is a matter of trial and error. Once you’ve got to grips with it, you’ll wonder how you ever went wrong.

But in the meantime, the most likely scenario is that you’re not quite getting it right. Continue reading

Why you need a woodburner for winter 2018

You will have noticed the night’s starting to draw in a bit of late. With the days getting shorter, a gradual dip in the scorching temperatures we’ve experienced this summer is inevitable.

Then the leaves will start to fall and, before we know it, winter will be upon us.

So let’s make sure you don’t have to go through another winter without the warmth and comfort of a wood-burning stove in your home.

Here are some reasons why you need a woodburner in your home for winter 2018. Continue reading