New Mazona stove models launched: meet Lydia and Oxford

New for 2018: the Mazona Lydia and the Mazona Oxford.

We are now stocking two newly launched models from the hugely popular Mazona Stoves range.

If you’ve read our list of 2017’s best-selling woodburners, you will have noted that it was dominated by the Mazona appliances.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that this year we will be selling two more stoves from the same manufacturer.

The Mazona Lydia and Mazona Oxford are now available to buy in either 5 kW or 7 kW versions.

Both stoves are:

  • Manufactured from high quality steel.
  • Boast an energy efficiency rating of A.
  • Covered by a 5-year warranties on the stove body.
  • Supplied with a sleek and high quality metal door handle.
  • From the same range as the popular Mazona Rocky, Mazona Signet and Mazona Olympus stoves.


The Mazona Lydia is a stove that provides a quality appliance at a price that won’t break the bank. The sturdy steel construction has been manipulated into a stylish contemporary design, with its sharp lines and subtle detailing making this an ideal stove for the modern home.

The rounded edges of the viewing window further enhance the appearance and will draw your eyes to the mesmerising fire inside. You can burn seasoned wood, anthracite or smokeless fuels. In any case, the glass will be kept clear by the stove’s airwash system.

Click here to see the 5 kW version or click here to see the 7 kW version.


The Mazona Oxford offers affordable modernity: a well-designed, contemporary multi-fuel stove at a reasonable price.

Its clean lines, low profile and understated yet stylish legs make for an eye-catching design feature in any living room. And that is only enhanced by a large viewing window that will give you a fantastic view of the flames dancing in the firebox.

The stove includes an airwash system to keep that large glass pane clear while you burn seasoned wood, anthracite or smokeless fuels.

Click here to see the 5 kW version or click here to see the 7 kW version.

Make your home power cut proof with a woodburner

Power cuts are part and parcel of an electricity network. With all the stormy weather that seems to be about these days, perhaps you are experiencing more than in previous years. High winds, heavy rainfall and snowy conditions can all cause problems for electricity supplies.

If your power seems to be off more regularly than you remember in the past, why not install a woodburner to guard against the effects of a power cut? Continue reading

Photos of the Mazona Rocky 6kW multi-fuel stove

The Mazona Rocky 6kW multi-fuel stove is one of our most popular appliances. It frequently tops our list of best-selling stoves and has built up a devoted following among customers who have bought it.

The reasons so many people are convinced to buy the Rocky are very simple:

Price: First and foremost, the Rocky is available at a very reasonable price for its 6kW heat output.
Build: It features a high quality cast iron construction.
Style: The Rocky is timeless – it boasts a traditional yet unfussy design.
Guarantee: The stove body is guaranteed for 5 years.
Reviews: The Rocky gets rave reviews from customers who have already installed it.

Having given rave reviews, many customers also choose to share photos showing their Mazona Rocky stove in situ in their home. We’re very grateful for this and we’re sharing a selection of those photos with you now. Continue reading

Best-selling woodburners of 2017

With the dust settled on 2017, we’re looking back over the year to see which of our wood-burning stoves proved to be the best-sellers.

1. Mazona Rocky 6 kW DEFRA Exempt Multi-Fuel Stove

The Mazona Rocky 6kW retains its title as our best-selling stove. It was already very popular due to its low price, quality cast iron build and 5-year warranty. The fact that is has now attained DEFRA exemption for use in smoke control areas has only increased its popularity. Click here to buy.
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Photos: A selection of Mazona Rocky 6 kW multi-fuel stove installations

The Mazona Rocky 6 kW multi-fuel stove is our best-selling woodburner.

It’s bargain price, quality cast iron construction, 6 kW heat output, traditional design and 5-year warranty ensure it is always a popular option among our customers.

But it is equally popular among our trade customers, such as installers, engineers and chimney sweeps. When it comes to presenting suitable stoves to their customers, it is often the Mazona Rocky that wins the day.
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Black Friday 2017 Deals at

Happy Black Friday, bargain-hunters.

As in recent years, at we have some great Black Friday deals for you. Whether you’re in the market for a woodburner or an electric fire, you’ll find a bargain on our website today. Without further ado, here are the deals.

Friday5: 5% off all appliances

Our headline Black Friday 2017 deal is 5% of all orders over £100*. Whether you want a wood-burning stove in your home for Christmas or an upgrade on your electric fire, today you can get an extra 5% off our already low prices. SHOP NOW and use the discount code Friday5 during the checkout process.
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Why a woodburner is ideal for a great storm

Storm Ophelia is currently making its assault on the UK and Ireland. It is expected to be the biggest storm to hit these shores since the Great Storm of 1987.

At times like this, so many of the things we take for granted in modern life are snatched away from us. Disruptions to power supply can leave us without phones (landline and, by the time the battery goes, mobile), internet, television, cookers, kettles and heating.

That’s why a woodburner is ideal for a great storm.

A woodburner is sufficiently lo-fi that it does precisely what you need it to do when nature decides to put our hi-tech world back in its place.
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FURTHER REDUCTION: Mazona Olympus 8kW multi-fuel stove now just £225

We’ve reduced the price of the Mazona Olympus 8kW multi-fuel stove again.
It’s now available for just £225.

You might recall last month we told you that we had cut the price of the Mazona Olympus from £270 to £238. Well, we always keep an eye on wholesale costs and a host of other factors to make sure we’re offering you the best possible price at any given time.

As a result, we’ve been able to slash the price further to just £225.

That’s an incredible price for a stove that’s pumping out an impressive 8kW of heat.

Why would you want the Mazona Olympus 8kW multi-fuel stove?

There are lots of reasons why the Mazona Olympus is a great option if you’re in the market for a multi-fuel stove. These include:

  • That amazing £225 price tag.
  • An 8kW heat output that will make even larger rooms cosy.
  • A five-year warranty on the stove body.
  • Timeless woodburner design details.
  • Brass knobs and a robust brass door hinge bar.
  • Primary and secondary air controls.
  • Airwash system to keep your glass clear.
  • A choice of a top or rear exit flue.
  • A choice of burning wood or smokeless fuel.

People with bigger spaces to heat are usually forced towards buying more expensive appliances. The Mazona Olympus bucks that trend, particularly at its new price point.

What people say about the Mazona Olympus

Our customers have good things to say about the Mazona Olympus. For example:

“Ordered a Mozona Olympus stove and for the price you get a great stove the quality is second to none and you can get a good range of repairs. Delivery was on time it turned up when they said and delivery driver dropped it off at the door overall 10 out of 10.”Gordon

“It throws out a lot of heat, and is easy to use. It is very responsive , it makes a huge difference to our home. I would not be without it. The price was very good for the specification.”Helen

“Installed and and within an hour there was a marked improvement of warmth in the room. After a week I am over moon with this purchase.”Alan

“I’ve just purchased this one on the strength of the impressive performance of one of the same model, which I installed in a holiday home in the Lake District, two years ago, which is still giving good service, despite the abuse it receives from renters who’ve never encountered a living flame! Excellent value and service and would recommend you highly! Thank you!”Don

Read more Mazona Olympus reviews.

Why buy now?

As we mentioned above, we’re constantly monitoring our prices to make sure they are as low as possible. Of course, the factors that allow us to bring prices down can also require us to sometimes put them back up again. Other than by gazing into our crystal ball, we cannot say for sure if or when the Olympus will have to go back up in price, but £225 is a fantastic deal.

Buy the Mazona Olympus Now

Sadiq Khan and woodburners: Why the Mayor of London is wrong on stoves

London Mayor Sadiq Khan recently unveiled proposals that would allow him to ban wood burning in some parts of London.

He wrote to Environment Secretary Michael Gove to ask for greater powers that would allow him to introduce “zero-emission zones” in which burning wood and coal would be completely prohibited. He is also seeking tighter controls on stove sales.

While we share Mr Khan’s desire to see pollution curbed in London and other cities, he has got it wrong with this set of proposals. Here are a few of the reasons why…

1. Modern woodburners are very environmentally friendly

The wood-burning stoves sold by us and other stove retailers these days are a world away from wood-burning stoves of yesteryear. They incorporate a range of technologies that make them very green. These include:

  • Baffle plates to keep flammable gases in the firebox and out of the flue for longer.
  • Clever air systems that pump pre-heated air into the stove for a more efficient and more widespread burn of flammable gases that reduces emission of unburnt hydrocarbons.
  • In some cases, boilers that provide heat to radiators and central heating to reduce dependence on gas, oil and electricity.

There is a wealth of information available on how to operate woodburners in ways that make it even more environmentally friendly, so education is important, too.

Rather than a total ban on woodburners in some areas, Mr Khan might consider incentivising residents to scrap old, inefficient stoves in favour of new, cleaner appliances. The government’s scrappage scheme for older cars operates along similar lines. The old stove scrappage scheme could even be extended to open fireplaces because…

2. Woodburners are much more environmentally friendly than open fires

Although wood-burning stoves are taking the rap given their popularity, there are far more open fireplaces in London than there are woodburners. Depending on its efficiency and the fuel being used, a woodburner will lose around 20-30 per cent of unspent gases up the chimney and into the air. In an open fireplace, that figure is around 70-80 per cent, which means open fires create far more pollution than woodburners.

Tighter restrictions on woodburner sales would not do anything to solve pollution from open fires.

3. There is already legislation in place

The Clean Air Act already legislates for smoke control areas in London and other parts of the UK. Householders in smoke control areas are prohibited from burning wood and solid fuel unless they do so on an appliance exempted by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), or they use a fuel that is exempted by DEFRA. Breaking the rules can result in a fine of up to £1,000.

Local authorities could and should be doing more to clampdown on breaches of the Clean Air Act, which largely relate to open fires rather than stoves. If Mr Khan were to focus his efforts on better enforcement of this existing legislation, it would probably be a more cost-effective way of achieving the same goal.

4. Woodburners are cost-effective

Londoners have enough cost of living expense to deal with as it is. When used responsibly and legally, wood-burning stoves are a great, carbon-neutral way for people to heat their homes cheaply. A total ban being implemented in some areas would force people living in those places to once again become dependent on the big energy companies, whose price rises in recent memory have been of concern to politicians from all the main parties, including Mr Khan’s Labour party, and whose energy is predominantly generated by burning fossil fuels.

If you live in London and are worried about Mr Khan’s proposals, here is some advice on what you can do. Of course, you can also write to the Mayor to express any concerns you have about the plans.

Worried about Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s proposed wood-burning stove ban? Here’s our advice…

Are you among the wood-burning stove owners in London who got a bit of a fright when Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced plans for a clampdown on woodburners? Or perhaps you are thinking about buying a stove and Mr Khan’s plans have left you unsure as to whether to go ahead. In this article, we will aim to address those concerns by giving our advice based on the information currently available.

Write to Mr Khan

If, like us, you have doubts about the approach being taken by the Mayor, you can write to him to let him know. He is @MayorofLondon on Twitter.

2025 at the very earliest

Mr Khan’s plans for transport zero emission zones in some areas of London are not due to come into effect until 2025. His plans for zones where burning solid fuel is totally banned are unlikely to come into fruition any earlier than that. Mr Khan does not yet have the powers from government needed to implement his plans, so they are likely to be a long way off. We also think there are flaws in the Mayor’s approach to tackling air pollution, so it is possible that – even if Mr Khan does get the additional powers he has requested from the government – he or a successor will take a different path before the proposals come into effect.

Choose DEFRA exempt appliances

Mr Khan’s press release on the subject reads:

“The Mayor believes that more should be done to empower consumers to make the right choice, including better information at the point of sale and mandatory labelling of products that are legal to use in smoke control areas.”

That’s exactly what we do on our website, with an entire section dedicated to applianced that have been exempted by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for use in smoke control areas. This is because they are deemed efficient and clean enough to be used even in areas susceptible to pollution. By opting for an appliance that is already DEFRA exempt, it sounds like you will be on the right side of Mr Khan’s thinking about suitable appliances.

In addition to exemption, the Stove Industry Alliance’s new Ecodesign Ready label is awarded to stoves, such as the Arada Farringdon Small 5kW Stove (pictured below), that are verified to meet some of the key components of the EU’s Ecodesign requirements for solid fuel local space heaters.

Upgrade old stoves

Following that point, if you do have old, inefficient woodburners in your home, start to put plans in place to upgrade. As we say, there is no rush in terms of Mr Khan’s proposals, but older appliances do pollute more, so installing a new, DEFRA exempt appliance will be good for the environment and hopefully future-proof your heating against the planned changes.

View DEFRA exempt woodburners.