Finding the best companion set for your wood-burning stove


When you’re getting a wood-burning stove installed, it’s easy to forget that you will probably need a companion set, too.

The trusty set of fireplace tools is commonly associated with the hearth of an open fire, but you don’t have to own a woodburner for very long to work out that they are equally useful for stoves.

For example, if you have a wood-burning stove – as opposed to a multi-fuel stove – there will be no ashpan and you’ll have to find your own way of getting most of the ashes out of the firebox. The small shovel that you will find in most companion sets is the perfect tool with which to do this.

Unless you have the steadiest of hands, you might spill a small amount of ash. In this case, you’ll be grateful of a small fireside brush to quickly clear them up.

Reloading a multi-fuel stove with coal or smokeless fuels? You’ll be grateful of a pair of fire tongs to help your place your fuel where you want it without getting a burn in the process.

And a poker is always useful to keep your fire under control and doing exactly what you want it to do.

The question is, which companion set should you get? We’ll give you a few suggestions…

Best basket companion set
Basket 4 Piece Medium Companion Set Black
Most companion sets offer the traditional central stand design, with the tools hanging around the edges. If you’re looking for something a bit different to that, this basket design is a nice idea. It is a tidy set that will sit against a wall rather than needing any undue prominence in the middle of a hearth.

Best classic companion set for a wood-burning stove
Urn Top 4 Piece Fireside Companion 16inch
This neat, compact companion set gives a traditional look that is something a bit different from the cast iron of most traditional companion sets. The urn top design will add an elegant flourish to any fireplace.

Best contemporary companion set for a wood-burning stove
Ezee Glow 4 Piece Tool Set Beech Handles
If you’ve got modern decor or a contemporary-styled stove it makes sense to find a companion set to match. That’s exactly what this Ezee Glow set offers. It’s also available with steel handles and in a 3-piece version.

Best traditional companion set for a wood-burning stove
4 Piece Black Companion Set With Caged Handles
There is a wide choice of traditional companion sets, but one of our favourites is this set with caged handles. If you’ve got a classically-style stove – particularly a cast iron appliance with ornate detailing – this is the perfect partner.

See our full range of companions sets.

Best wood-burning stoves for holiday cottages and holiday lets

Invicta Sevilla Holiday Cottage Woodburner

We’ve written before about the intrinsic link between the wood-burning stove and the holiday cottage. It’s always amazing to see how many testimonials and reviews of holiday cottages make mention of wood-burning stoves.

Little wonder that they often feature prominently in advertisements for holiday lets. When they are clearly so popular with holidaymakers, it makes sense to show off if you’ve got one.

If you own a holiday let property that doesn’t currently have a wood-burning stove installed, it would be a relatively small investment to make in order to see if it has an impact on your booking numbers (and on your reviews).

Why do people love woodburners in holiday cottages?

Tradition: People are often escaping from modern life when they book a break in a holiday cottage. Lighting a traditional form of heating such as a stove instantly evokes a simpler time.
Romance: There is something very romantic about a roaring wood-burning stove. It’s an immediate mood-setter.
Cosiness: Even if it’s a family booking rather than a romantic getaway, a stove creates a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.
Weather: Let’s face it, the weather is out of your hands. But at least you can make it a treat if people are forced to stay indoors during their stay in your cottage.

Which is the best wood-burning stove to buy for a holiday let?

There are lots of factors at play here, including the size of the property. Use our stove size calculator to work out what’s right for your holiday let.

You also need to decide how much you want to spend on your stove. Prices start at around £250 and go up into the thousands. It all depends what sort of impression you want to create.

Mazona Rocky Multi-Fuel Stove

In a rustic holiday cottage, something from our Mazona Stoves range might be suitable. These are traditional cast-iron stoves that won’t break the bank. Given that your stove is likely to be operated by wood-burning stove novices, you might be more comfortable will a less expensive appliance, such as the Mazona Rocky 6kW (pictured above).

Here are a selection of great value stoves.

If you’re targeting the luxury holiday market or have a large, open plan space, it might make sense to opt for a high-end woodburner. You’ll find lots of eye-catching designs in the Invicta Stoves collection, such as the Invicta Chamane (pictured below).

Invicta Chamane

How much does it cost to install a wood-burning stove in a holiday cottage?
There is no exact science for working this out, unfortunately, put we have created a handy calculator to help you work out approximate costs for an installation.

Get the stove installation calculator now.

How to keep a wood-burning stove lit overnight

Dimplex Westcott Inset

Is it possible to keep a woodburner lit all night?

The answer is yes, but there is some skill involved. There’s also likely to be lots of trial and error involved. But with a bit of practice – and perhaps even a bit of luck – you should be able to keep your stove burning through the night.

Is it safe to keep the stove burning at night?
There is inevitably some risk attached to leaving a lit stove unattended for hours at a time. While this was not only commonplace but practically a necessity in many homes in yesteryear, nowadays some people would rather know that their stove is extinguished before they go to bed for the night. Continue reading

The benefits of an inset stove

inset log burners - GBS Ecoinset

One of the most popular versions of the wood-burning stove currently on the market is the inset stove. Despite functioning pretty much the same as any other stove, an inset stove simply slots into an existing open fireplace.

So, what are the benefits that are encouraging so many people to opt for an inset stove?

Greater efficiency
In comparison to the open fireplaces they usually replace, inset stoves offer huge efficiency savings. A regular open grate will lose around 70% of the heat it generates straight up the chimney. Once an inset stove is installed, as little as 20% of the heat produced will be lost.

Easy fitting
As we’ve alluded to above, inset stoves slot easily into fireplaces. Most inset stoves are designed to fit perfectly into a standard, tapered fireplace, which makes for an easy installation process and minimal disruption to the existing structures of your home.

Less space needed
An inset stove comes with its own air gap built into the convection box. So, whereas a traditional wood-burning stove needs space for air to circulate around it, inset stoves can be used in a smaller space.

Interior design versatility
Not every room is suitable for a feature fireplace with a wood-burning stove at the centre. In many ways, an inset stove is a more subtle alternative. While you can still make it a feature of the room if you wish, it’s just as easy to let it blend into the existing fireplace so that it only really catches the eye when the roaring flames are licking against the glass.


Recommended inset stoves

Dimplex Westcott Inset Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove
Dimplex Westcott Inset
One of our best-selling inset stoves is the Dimplex Westcott. It boasts stylish curved features and a 4.3kW heat output. Find out more.

Mazona Crete 5 kW Inset Multi Fuel Wood Burning

This 5kW inset stove is an attractive, contemporary appliance from Mazona Stoves. It has a nice size of heat output for average-sized living rooms and boasts a high quality steel body. Find out more.

Aarrow Inset Ecoburn 7 kW Multi-Fuel Wood Burning Stove
Inset Log Burners - Aarrow Ecoburn 7kW
This 7kW version of the Ecoburn stove features the distinctive styling of the Aarrow brand. It’s Ecoburn technology is designed to give a clean and efficient burn.

Click here to see our full range of inset stove.

The benefits of buying a wood-burning stove

Evergreen Poplar

You’re thinking of buying a wood-burning stove… but you still need a bit of convincing that it’s what you really want. You probably want to know the benefits of getting a wood-burning stove.

After all, what’s so good about owning a wood burner?

You can cut your energy bills
By just how much depends how efficiently you use the stove, but it certainly ends your reliance on the big energy companies. You know exactly how much energy you’re using because it’s you who loads the fuel into the stove! Continue reading

What is the best boiler stove to buy?


With so many boiler stoves available, it’s not always easy to know which is the best stove to buy.

There’s no single stove that is perfect for everyone. It very much depends on how much you want to spend, how much heat you want to generate in a particular room and how much heat will be needed to meet your household’s needs for hot water and radiator heat.

To help narrow down your search, we’ve picked out some of our recommended boiler stoves based on particular requirements.

Best selling boiler stove

Of all the boiler stoves we sell, the Arizona Nevada 677 21 kW multi fuel boiler stove is consistently the top seller. Continue reading