Stove fan: make your woodburner work harder

Spread the heat your stove is generating further, faster with this invaluable gadget.
Ecofan Stove Fan for Wood-Burning Stove

A wood-burning stove helps to cut your reliance on central heating and may cut your heating costs as a result.

But it’s possible to make even greater savings on your energy bills with the help of a stove fan.

This fantastic gadget takes the heat that your stove is already generating and circulates it so that more of your home feels the benefit of the warmth.

More efficient

Not only does a stove fan improve heat circulation by encouraging it to spread outwards rather than immediately rise, it will also increase fuel efficiency (with savings of up to 14%, according to research by a Canadian university). That’s because the air around the stove heats faster and stays warm, which helps the convection process.

In short, your room heats more easily and quickly. That, in turn, will help the warmth spread to surrounding rooms.

No batteries or mains power

The stove fan featured above – the Ecofan 810 – costs nothing to operate. It generates its own electricity, which means you don’t need any batteries or mains power to operate it. The heat your woodburner is already creating is sufficient to power it.

It starts automatically, speeding up as the stove temperature rises and automatically shutting off once the appliance cools.

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Hearths for fireplaces

The hearth is a valuable part of any fireplace.

After all, the phrase “hearth and home” didn’t come around by coincidence. Perhaps it is the similarity to the word heart that resonates and instantly conjures thoughts of the hearth being at the centre of family life.

Whether the appliance or fire is electric, gas or solid fuel powered, and whether the hearth is there for aesthetic reasons or to ensure the fireplace complies with building regulations, the look and feel of the hearth can make all the difference to the decor of the room.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the options when it comes to picking hearths for fireplaces.

54-inch Black Granite Hearth
54 inch black granite hearth
This is a boxed and lipped hearth set on a riser. In total this quality granite hearth is 70mm high.
Suitable for: Electric, Gas
Other sizes: 48-inch, 60-inch
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54-inch Black Granite Hearth For Solid Fuel
54 inch black granite solid hearth
This is the solid fuel equivalent of the hearth above. Again it is boxed and lipped, but in this case it is slabbed. This is achieved by cutting the granite and rejoining it was a concrete fill. This prevents the heat created by a solid fuel fire from cracking the hearth.
Suitable for: Solid fuel
Other sizes: 60-inch
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Granite Stove Hearth 33 x 24 Rectangular
This granite stove heart is designed to meet Building Regulations Document J as efficiently as possible. Those regulations require a hearth to extend 300mm in front of the stove, and it is good practice to allow at least 50mm between the rear of the stove and a non combustable wall at the rear. While you will need to check the dimensions and manufacturer-specified clearances, this hearth allows you to achieve that with many appliances.
Suitable for: Wood-burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves
Other sizes: N/A
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Granite Stove Hearth 36 x 36 Hex
Slightly bigger than the rectangular version above, this hexagonal stove should be suitable for stoves up to 565mm in depth and up to 615mm wide to meet Building Regulations Document J (subject to the aforementioned checks on clearances specified by the manufacturer). This concrete-filled granite hearth is 90mm in height.
Suitable for: Wood-burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves
Other sizes: N/A

Granite Stove Hearth 36 x 36 Square
36_x_36_square_filled_stove_hearth (1)
This hearth has the same dimensions as the hexagonal one above, but with the corner intact to create a square shape. It is made from 20mm thick black polished granite and is oxed and lipped on a riser. It is also filled with concrete.
Suitable for: Wood-burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves
Other sizes: N/A

Granite Stove Hearth 40 x 30 Bowed
Another aesthetic variation on some of the hearths above, this bow-fronted version provides a lovely curved hearth. Again, it is filled with concrete and features 20mm thick black polished granite. The total height in 90mm. This hearth may be suitable for stoves up to 400mm in depth and up to 700mm wide based on building regulations and best practice (but check the manufacturers’ clearance requirements).
Suitable for: Wood-burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves
Other sizes: N/A
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Riven Graphite Black Hearth Tiles
If you don’t want to buy one of the pre-cut hearths for fireplaces already detailed, how about constructing your own? These 300mm x 300mm x 6mm graphite tiles come in a box of 14. The beautiful, Italian made tiles are ideal for wood-burning stove hearth construction.
Suitable for: Wood-burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves
Other sizes: Single tiles
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Chinese woman lights woodburner with £20,000 in cash


A Chinese woman found a rare way to light a wood-burning stove without saving money on heating costs when she used £20,000 in cash as kindling.

Hao Bin, aged 35, hid the cash in the stove after her husband Wang, aged 39, brought it home to pay his workers at the end of a major construction project.

But she got up the following morning and threw paper and a lit match into the stove after forgetting the money was in there.

The cash was instantly set alight. Hao returned shortly afterwards to add wood to the stove and only at that point spotted the plastic bag containing the money.

She tried to extinguish the fire and salvage the money, but most of it had already been destroyed.

Fortunately her husband was in a forgiving mood.

He said: “It was a hard blow, and my wife is devastated. But I have forgiven her, and we will survive.

“We had not been paid ourselves yet for our work, but I needed to pay the workers so we borrowed the money from friends and family, and we wanted somewhere to keep it safe for a day before paying it out.”

Hao took the money to their local bank in Shaoshan, Hunan province, but was told she could not exchange the banknotes for new ones in the cases where less than half of the existing banknote remains.

Electric Stoves: they look like woodburners, but they’re not

Electric Stoves

A wood-burning stove is a hugely desirable item for any home.

With its eco-friendliness, cosiness and thriftiness, a woodburner can make a big difference to a property. But it’s not always possible to install one, much as you might like to.

Whether due to financial, structural or other reasons, sometimes it’s simply not feasible to install a woodburner. If you find yourself in that position, one way to at least secure some of the aesthetics and homeliness of a wood-burning stove is to get an electric stove instead.

No, it’s not quite the real thing, but electric stoves are electric fires that are designed to look like woodburners.

The body looks very similar to a genuine wood-burning stove. Inside, instead of setting logs or solid fuel alight, you get a flame effect. The heat, of course, is instead provided by electricity.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of electric stoves.

Dimplex Club Electric Stove

Electric Stoves - Dimplex Club
One of the most popular electric stoves we stock is the Dimplex Club Electric Stove. It is features a cast iron style finish and Optiflame® log effect. The flame effect can be used even when the 2kW heater is turned off. Have a closer look.

Dimplex Springborne Electric Stove

Electric Stoves - Dimplex Springborne
Unlike the Club, the Dimplex Springborne Electric Stove gives the impression of a multi-fuel stove rather than a wood-burning stove. As such, you can see a bed of coal inside the appliance. And it’s real coal, just pretend flames. Again it’s a 2kW heater. Have a closer look.

Dimplex Brayford Electric Stove

Electric Stoves - Dimplex Brayford
We’re back to logburners with the Dimplex Brayford Electric Stove, another appliance that features Dimplex’s Optiflame® log effect. It is a compact stove that has been designed to standard on standard hearths and fireplaces. Have a closer look.

You can see more electric stoves by clicking here.

Just £181 – our best-priced woodburner ever

The Mazona Signet: now just £181 – click here for a closer look.

Mazona Signet Multi Fuel Stove

Meet the Mazona Signet – an ideal stove for snug spaces that now comes with an equally ideal price tag. You can get yours for only £181.

The Signet is a 4kW version of our popular Rocky multi-fuel stove. The compact size of the stove makes it perfect for small rooms, caravans, boats and cabins.

Despite its relatively low heat output, customers regularly tell me how surprised they are at just how much of a punch the Signet packs. That probably helps to explain why it is our best-selling 4kW stove. Here are some more reasons…

Fantastic heat output for such a small fire

“Extremely pleased! Fantastic heat output for such a small fire. Easily warms up a very large lounge. Great price and a very sturdy build. Highly recommended.” – Customer review by Nathan on the website.

5 year warranty

The cast iron body of the Mazona Signet is guaranteed by an equally cast iron 5 year warranty, which means you can buy with confidence.

Classic styling

In addition to the cast iron construction, the Mazona Signet  also comes with brass knobs and a robust brass door hinge.

Great modern features

Despite the low price, the Mazona Signet incorporates great modern design features. These include:

  • Airwash function to help keep the glass clean when the stove is in use.
  • Riddling grate to make it easy to empty ashes into the ashpan below.
  • A choose of top or rear flue exit flue to accommodate your installation preferences.

80% efficiency

The Mazona Signet boats an 80% efficiency rating when burning wood, which means that vast majority of energy released from the logs you burn goes directly towards heating your home. The equivalent figure when burning smokeless fuel anthracite is 76.8%.

Outstanding value

All of that adds up to the Mazona Signet being an excellent little multi-fuel stove offering impressive value for money.

Have a closer look at the Mazona Signet  by clicking here.

Inset log burners: 5 great stoves that fit in your fireplace

For homeowners who want to install a wood-burning stove, have an existing fireplace and want minimal structural changes to their property, inset log burners are a great option.

An inset log burner is designed to simply slot into a standard sized fireplace opening for an open fire.

This type of appliance allows you to install a log burner without the need to open up the fireplace, as you would in order to accommodate a free-standing appliance.

There are some outstanding inset log burners on the market. Here are a handful of the ones we recommend…

GBS Eco-Inset 7 kW Multi-fuel Stove
inset log burners - GBS Ecoinset
The GBS Eco-Inset 7kW is a stylish inset log burner made from steel. It’s a multi-fuel stove, which means smokeless fuels can also be burned on it. It fits into a standard fireplace opening and creates a 7kW heat output.

Mazona Crete Inset Stove 5kw
Inset Log Burners - Mazona Crete
Another sleek steel inset log burner, the Mazona Crete generates a 5kW heat output. At £350 (price correct at time of writing) it is also very reasonably priced for an inset stove.
Click here to have a closer look.

Arizona Denver 609 Multi Fuel 6.5 – 7.8 kW Inset Stove
inset log burner - arizona denver
The Arizona Denver is one of our best-selling inset stoves. It slots into a 16-inch wide by 22-inch high fireplace and is simply held in place by two clips, which means it can be fitted in a matter of minutes. Click here to have a closer look.

Dimplex Westcott Inset Multi Fuel Stove
Inset Log Burners - Dimplex Westcott
Dimplex is a respected name in the world of heating and the Westcott inset log burner only enhances their reputation. Its distinctive and attractive curved edges are a neat finishing touch to a very nice little woodburner. Click here to have a closer look.

Aarrow Inset Ecoburn 7 kW Multi-Fuel Wood Burning Stove
Inset Log Burners - Aarrow Ecoburn 7kW
The most expensive stove on this list, the Aarrow Inset Ecoburn 7 kW is priced at £764.15 (correct at time of writing). For that investment you get a beautifully designed, British-made steel appliance. Click here to have a closer look.

That’s just a handful of option. See more inset log burners here.

Slimline electric fires: 5 outstanding appliances

Space is often at a premium in our homes these days. Our TVs keep getting thinner, our computers keep getting thinner, so it makes sense that our fires are getting thinner. Nowhere is that more true than in the case of slimline electric fires.

Like our TVs, electric fire are now often mounted to walls as an additional space-saving measure. And if you’re getting a wall-mounted electric fire, you definitely want it to be as slim as possible.

With that in mind, here are a handful of excellent slimline electric fires.

Ezee Glow WH2 Lara Black Glass Wall Mounted Electric Fire

LARA mk2_Side
With a depth of just 120mm, the Ezee Glow WH2 Lara is an excellent slimline electric fire – and it’s got a slimline price to match. At the time of writing, it is available for just £156. Have a closer look now.

Celsi Puraflame Wall Mounted Curved

The Celsi Puraflame could be even slimmer were it not for it curved design. But even taking that into account, it is still only 135mm deep. Have a closer look now.

Dimplex Bizet Wall Hung Electric Fire

Dimplex Bizet Slimline Electric Fire
The Dimplex Bizet is a very refined slimline electric fire. It is mounted in the sense that it can be attached to the wall, but also looks mounted in the artistic meaning with the silver border sitting within the black frame. Have a closer look now.

Celsi Puraflame Wall Mounted Panoramic

As its name suggests, the Celsi Puraflame Wall-Mounted Panoramic is a wide, short electric fire. But it is also a very thin one, with a depth of just 105mm. Have a closer look now.

We’ve focused on slimline wall-mounted electric fires so far, but you can also save space with an inset or freestanding slimline electric fire.

Dimplex Danesbury Black Electric Fire

The Dimplex Danesbury is just 170mm deep and can slot into an existing fireplace in an inset style. It, along with similar inset electric fires, offers a stylish and modern slimline alternative to wall-mounted fires. Have a closer look now.

Click here to see more slimline electric fires.