How to give your wood-burning stove a monthly check-up

How to give your wood-burning stove a monthly check-up

Owning a wood-burning stove is not that different to owning a car. Well, we wouldn’t fancy your chances of making too much progress on the motorway in your wood burner, but you’ll see our point shortly.

Just like your car, your stove needs regular check-ups to make sure everything is performing as it should be and, more importantly, that it’s safe.  Continue reading

Meet the manufacturer: Aarrow Stoves

Aarrow Stoves

Aarrow Stoves is one of a few brand names used by Arada Ltd for their stoves. Since they each have quite distinctive styles, we’ll be looking at each of those brands separately for our Meet the manufacturer blog series, which looks at the various stove manufacturers on sale at Gr8Fires.

British-made Aarrow Stoves, built in Devon, have managed to marry the traditional aspects of the wood-burning stove with contemporary design very successfully. Stoves made by Aarrow tend to display the evolution rather than revolution of the wood burner.

At first glance they are exactly what you’d expect from a wood-burning stove. But on closer inspection they often lack some of the fussiness of older stoves in favour of clean, modern lines and a very slick design.

So, let’s take a whistle-stop introduction to the range. Continue reading

Electric fires: versatile and stylish heating options

Electric fires

Electric fires are currently experiencing a considerable resurgence in popularity.

Advancements in technology and design have made the electric fires a fantastic heating option for many households.

Perhaps their main selling point is the easy with which they can be fitted. While other fire options might require building work, alterations to chimneys and – in some cases – council-approval, an electric fire can be fitted wherever an electricity supply is available. That represents a distinct advantage for properties that do not have existing fireplace, or where fitting any sort of flue is not a possibility. Continue reading

Meet the manufacturer: Invicta


French stove manufacturer Invicta is definitely at the more contemporary end of the Gr8Fires stock.

The Invicta brand is built around eye-catching designs and a very modern look. From a fresh take on the traditional wood-burning stove, to ornamental wood burners you could easily confuse for art installations, Invicta focuses on making stoves that are as beautiful as they are functional.

With such a diverse range of designs on available it is difficult to know which stoves to highlight to introduce you to the range. We’ve done our best to find three stoves that span the spectrum of Invicta’s output. Continue reading