Benefits of a wood burner with back boiler

What’s better than a wood burner? A wood burner with back boiler, of course.

Boiler stoves are a valuable addition to any household. In this article we will explore a few of the reasons why that is the case. Here are the main benefits of installing a boiler stove in your home.

Lower central heating bills

A wood burner with back boiler can be connected to your central heating system so that the heat generated by the stove heats your radiators as well as the room. End your reliance on the immersion heater by using your stove to do the job of your central heating. The result will be lower bills.

Free hot water

How do you currently get hot water? Whatever the method, you have to pay to heat it. If you have a boiler stove, you can use it to heat your water. Whether you’re planning on washing the dishes or having a bath, if the stove has been burning you’ll have hot water… erm, on tap.

A cosy room

Yes, there are other ways of heating your radiators and water, but will they make your home as cosy as a boiler stove? We’d suggest not. Get the atmosphere and ambiance that comes with installing any wood-burning stove along with the additional benefits.

Stored heat

The energy from a regular wood-burning stove is gone once the fuel is burnt and the heat begins to die down in your room. With a boiler stove, a portion of the heat generated is stored up for you to use at a time when you need it. That might be when you want heat elsewhere in the house via a radiator or when you need some hot water.

Would a wood burner with back boiler benefit you and your household? If so, click here to browse a selection of boiler stoves.

Woodburner surrounds: the perfect finish touch to your fireplace

If you’ve installed a wood-burning stove into a fireplace recess, adding a surround can be a nice finishing touch to frame your stove and provide you with a useful mantel. Woodburner surrounds need to comply with building regulations about distances to combustible and non-combustible materials, so that is an important consideration when choosing one.

You will also find that woodburner surrounds come in a variety of sizes, so you need to find that is suitable for the space you have available. You don’t want it to be overpoweringly looming in a small room, while you don’t want a small surround to be lost within a larger space. If you’ve got a chimney breast, you will want the surround to be proportionate to that (and particularly to ensure the surround is not wider than the chimney breast. And make sure the opening is suitably sized, too.

Here are a selection of our favour woodburner surrounds. Not all are pictured with woodburners, but all are suitable for use with woodburners.

Dublin Corbel Black Granite Woodburner Surround

This impressive woodburner surround is made from natural black granite, which makes for a strong – in every sense – focal point for your room. Have a closer look at the 54-inch or 60-inch versions.

Dublin Corbel Ivory Cream Woodburner SurroundThe same style as the surround featured above, but in a lighter and airier finish. Have a closer look at the 54-inch or 60-inch versions.

Cabra 54 inch Ivory Cream Woodburner Surround

The timeless yet modern Cabra surround is featured here in a Sienna Stone synthetic marble finish. Have a closer look at the 54-inch or 60-inch versions.

Estada Fireplace Surround

The grand Estada surround in will add drama to any room. This model is made in ivory cream micromarble. Have a closer look at the 54-inch and 60-inch versions.

Cruz Ivory Cream Fireplace Surround

The Cruz surround is mainly simple and stripped back in style, but is topped by a decorative mantel. Have a closer look at the 54-inch version.

See more fireplace surrounds here.

Stock up on Mazona Rocky spares and parts

Do you own a Mazona Rocky 6 kW multi-fuel stove? If so, congratulations on getting a high quality cast iron stove – with a 6 kW heat output and 81 efficiency – at a great price.

The stove body itself is covered by a 5-year guarantee. But, as with all woodburners, you will need replace some of the consumable stove parts over the years as they gradually feel the effects of being in such close proximity to extreme hit.

Fortunately, here at Gr8Fires we’ve got you covered with a full range of Mazona Rocky spares, so you can easily stock up on the parts you need to get your stove back in prime condition and keeping your home cosy again.

*Have you had your Mazona Rocky for a while? If so, scroll to the bottom of the article.

Stove Glass
There are a few reasons why your glass might be cracked or chipped. We discuss those in more detail in this article. Whatever the reason, if you do need to replace your stove glass in your Mazona Rocky, this is what you need. Buy replacement stove glass.

Glass Clips
Your Mazona Rocky stove glass is help in place by 4 clips. If one or more of them has broken for any reason, here are a replacement set. Buy replacement glass clips.

Stove Glass Rope
Your stove’s glass rope helps to create a good seal to stop smoke seeping out of your stove. If it becomes torn, squashed or frayed it will need to be replaced. The Mazona Rocky needs 8mm glass rope. Buy replacement stove glass rope.

Bottom Grate
The bottom grate is where your red hot fuel sits and burns. Over time this can cause warping or damage to the grate. If you are – deliberately or inadvertently – burning the wrong type of fuel, grate damage is even more likely. This article explains bottom grate damage in more detail. Buy a new bottom grate.

The baffle plate sits at the top of the Mazona Rocky’s firebox to keep flammable gases in the stove for as long as possible and give them the best chance of burning before they go up the flue. Over time they can become worn, particularly if the ashes that gather on top are not cleared regularly. Buy a new baffle.

Your ashpan takes a lot of punishment: collecting hot ashes from stove and storing them until they are cool enough for you to remove. As such, over time it might start to wear and a hole appear, which defeats the purpose of the ashpan. Buy a new ashpan.

Stove Liner Set
The stove liners protect the inside of the stove body from the most intense of the heat generated by the stove. They can become worn and damaged over time. Buy a replacement stove liner set. [Alternatively the left liner, right liner and rear liner are available separately.]

*The design of the Mazona Rocky and its parts have changed slightly over the years. If you have had your stove for a while, you might need to buy spares for the older version. Here are all the spares for the older Mazona Rocky:

Baffle Plate (Old Type)
Bottom Grate (Old Type)
Cast Iron Liner Set (Old Type)

If you compare these with the newer ones, you should be able to tell which one you need, but feel free to give us a call on the number at the top of the page to double-check.

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