Wood burners UK boom: why are stoves so popular?

Wood Burners UK

The wood-burning stove market has exploded beyond recognition in recent years. Wood burners UK boom started around the time of the global economic crisis of 2008 and it is unlikely that is merely coincidence.

With banks collapsing, jobs under threat and money tight, there were both practical and psychological reasons to make having the cost of heating your home entirely under your own control very appealing. The prospect of sourcing free or cheap fuel meant heating bills could be cut considerably. And with major institutions falling by the wayside, comfort could be found in wresting control away from the big energy companies.

On a deeper level, there is probably a lot to be said for the simplicity and primal nature of lighting a fire, which definitely harked back to less confusing times.

But the new-found wood burner UK love affair survived beyond the recession. After that initial burst of interest in stoves around the time of the recession, they became fashionable and desirable items. Spurred on by the array of property programmes on TV, lifestyle magazines and the shabby chic and country style interior design trends, sales of wood-burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves continued to go from strength to strength.

Indeed, HETAS, which offers a government-approved competent installer scheme, says its installers have seen a 60 per cent increase in the number of wood-burning stoves being installed over the last seven years.

So can the UK wood burner revival continue to grow? Certainly it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Wood burners remain desirable items and their money-saving potential is unlikely to lose popularity any time soon. Perhaps more importantly, people are rediscovering the joy of having a real fire burning in their home. This effect spreads something akin to a viral video on the internet: once you’ve spent time in a house or holiday cottage that has a wood burner, it becomes increasingly tempting to install one in your own home.

Find out the hotspots of the wood burners UK boom, according to our sales figures.

Best 5kW wood-burning stoves for winter 2016 / 2017


5kW is one of the most popular sizes of wood-burning stove. It is slightly above the entry level 4kW heat output, but still small enough to be suitable for smaller rooms without being too overpowering.

Here are some of the best 5kW stoves available for winter 2016 / 2017…

Mazona Aston 5.5kW Multi-Fuel Stove

The Mazona Aston combines the tradition of a high quality cast iron design with the minimal detail of modern appliances. It comes with a five-year guarantee on the stove body and a very reasonable asking price of £239.99. Click here for a closer look.

Mazona Calcot 5.5 kW Multi-Fuel Stove

The Mazona Calcot is a stablemate of the Mazona Aston and shares many of its features. It too boasts a 5.5kw heat output, a £239.99 price tag, a five-year guarantee on the stove body and a cast iron construction. It features slightly more detailing than the Aston.

GBS Mariner 5 kW Multi Fuel Stove

The GBS Mariner 5 kW is an excellent contemporary wood-burning stove. It features a steel body and a sleek, modern design. The British-made stove also comes with a 10-year warranty. Click here for a closer look.

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 kW DEFRA Wood Burning Stove

Another stylish modern appliance, the Aarrow Ecoburn Plus comes with the additional advantage that is exempted by DEFRA for use in smoke control areas. Aarrow are one of the UK’s most popular stove manufacturers. For the £879 price tag, you get a lifetime guarantee on the high quality steel stove body. Click here for a closer look.

Dimplex Westcott 5 SE Wood Burning Stove

The Dimplex Westcott is a classically-styled wood-burning stove. It is exempted by DEFRA for use in smoke control areas and operates without the need for additional room ventilation when used to burn only wood. It is priced at £336.95.

Arizona Tucson 5 kW Matt Black Inset Multi Fuel Stove

Do you have an existing fireplace opening? If so, you might want to simply slot the Arizona Tucson into place. This cast iron appliance is an inset stove. Click here for a closer look. Also available in an enamel finish.

Hamlet Solution 5 kW Multi Fuel Stove

The Hamlet Solution is a minimal, modern steel multi-fuel stove. The appliance is made from a sturdy steel body, which is covered by a 10-year guarantee. Click here for a closer look. Also available in inset version.

Mazona Portland 5 kW DEFRA Inset Multi Fuel Stove

Another inset stove, the Mazona Portland slots into existing fireplace openings. This cast iron appliance is available for £449.99. Click here for a closer look.

Evergreen ST0311-11 Cedar 5 kW Multi Fuel Stove

Part of the hugely popular Evergreen range, the Cedar is just about the archetypal wood-burning stove. Made from cast iron and featuring traditional design features, it costs just £259.

Evergreen Ashley 5 kW Wood Burning Stove

The Evergreen Ashley comes with an unusual rounded design, but is most notable for its two hotplates, which allow you to cook your dinner while heating your room. Click here for a closer look.

Mazona Small Orlando 5.6 kW Multi Fuel Stove

The Mazona Orlando is a traditional wood-burning stove. A very popular appliance, thanks in no small part to its very reasonable price tag of £269.95, the Orlando looks set to sell in large numbers this winter. Click here for a closer look.

NB. All prices corrects at time of writing.

8 possible twin wall flue designs for your woodburner installation

Are you preparing to install a twin wall flue with your new woodburner?


One of the most confusing aspects of installing a wood-burning stove is working out which configuration of twin wall flue is right for your home. We’re often asked questions by customers about what they need to buy in order to complete a flue system and the best way of installing the flue to maximise performance and cope with the quirks and peculiarities of a particular property.

Given the frequency with which those questions pop up, we wanted to offer some clarity on that subject matter. So here’s what we’ve done to do just that…

FREE twin wall design download

We’ve put together a handy visual guide to eight of the most commonly used twin wall flue designs to help your weigh up some of the options for your woodburner installation.

Our free download includes diagrams of some typical installation scenarios that will inform your decision-making process as you prepare to buy your new stove. Those scenarios include designs that involve an external flue pipe going up the outside of your property and more traditional installations into an existing fireplace.

In the guide, you will also find useful information on how to take measurements to ensure you buy the correct lengths of the materials needed for your installation.

Even a quick glance at our free twin wall flue guide will help to give you a clearer idea of what is required for your flue installation or maybe even open your eyes to a flue configuration that you had not thought of previously.

If you’d like to see our 8 twin wall flue installation scenarios, click here to download it.

NB. If after reading the guide you have any further questions, you are always welcome to call us to discuss the specifics of your flue installation.

Buy a woodburner with interest-free credit (0% APR)


Buy now, spread the cost:Get one year’s interest-free credit on orders over £350

It has never been more affordable to buy your new wood-burning stove. That’s because we’re now offering 0% credit on all orders over £350.

You can get your stove now and spread the cost over the next year at no additional cost.

And it’s not just stoves. The £350 limit relates only to the price of your basket when you head for the Gr8Fires.co.uk checkout, so you can also spread the cost of flues, stove accessories and electric fires.

That might help you to stretch your budget to get the appliance you really want. Alternatively, it might free up funds for your stove installation or something completely unrelated.

Get your woodburner for just £26.25 per month

Suppose you wanted to buy the GBS Mariner 7kW stove, which is currently available for just £350 (down from £540). You would just have to pay a 10% deposit of £35, followed by 12 manageable monthly payments of £26.25. You get to install your stove right now and there is no additional cost to you.

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