4 musical reasons why Christmas is better with a woodburner

Christmas is a great time of year in its own right. We happen to think it’s made even better if you have a woodburner in your home.

Here are four Christmas song inspired reasons why Christmas is better with a woodburner.

Roasting chestnuts

Chestnuts might not be your thing, but they do have that festive appeal thanks to Nat King Cole. (Then again, he opted for an open fire rather than a woodburner, so we’re not convinced his judgement on such matters is to be trusted!) Regardless, a woodburner does give you the option to roast, toast or cook any Christmas snack of your choosing in an enjoyable, romantic and cost-effective way. Guaranteed to get you feeling all festive and fuzzy. Continue reading

Black Friday 2018: Discounts and deals at gr8fires.co.uk

We’ve got some great Black Friday deals for you at Gr8Fires, including some site-wide discounts and deals on individual appliances.

If you’re looking for a big saving on a wood-burning stove, multi-fuel stove or electric fire for Black Friday 2018 then you have come to the right place.

Let’s take a look at all the offers available to you, starting with the discounts: Continue reading

Installing a Mazona Rocky 6kW multi-fuel stove from start to finish (photo gallery)

Stove installer Peter Morson is a busy man. He buys lots of stoves from us to fit for his clients, who are mainly in County Durham and adjacent areas.

The stove he buys most frequently is our best-selling Mazona Rocky 6kW multi-fuel stove.

Peter has kindly taken time during a recent Rocky installation to record every stage of the process. He shared the photos with us, so we’re sharing them you. They help to build a picture of how a stove installation comes together from start to finish. Continue reading

What is the metal plate ‘roof’ at the top of the inside of a woodburner?

We’re regularly contacted by people asking about a metal plate at the top of the inside of their wood-burning stove.

Sometimes they call it a ‘roof’ or a ‘ceiling’, sometimes they call it a ‘panel’.

Often they want to know what it is and what is its purpose. Usually they haven’t even noticed it was there until there was a problem, such as the plate has fallen from its position.

No doubt plenty more people are searching Google for information on the metal plate ‘roof’ at the top of their woodburner, so we decided to write this blog post in the hope that we might be able to offer them some assistance. Continue reading