More than 500 5-star reviews for wood-burning stoves

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One of the nicest things about providing something that has the potential to improve people’s homes as much as a wood-burning stove is hearing the stories customers tell us about the impact their new stove has had on them.

Discovering that a stove has cut someone’s energy bills, mode a home more snug or dramatically improved the appearance of a room never gets old for us. That’s why we always approach our customers a little while after they have bought something from us to get their thoughts.

***** 5-star

We’re keen to hear how they’re getting on with their purchase, whether they are pleased with it and if they were happy with the service we provided. With their permission, we then share these reviews with you.

There are a few reasons why we choose to do that:

  • Our customers’ experiences provide a new angle on our products, which we believe is vital in helping you to make the right purchase.
  • You can place your trust in the words of our customer.
  • It makes for a more enjoyable experience for you – you can shop safe in the knowledge that hundreds of existing customers have already reviewed our products.

Of those hundreds of reviews, more than 500 rate the products as being 5-star. We don’t just leave it at a star-rating system though. Customers also have the opportunity to leave their comments, so that you get a more personal sense of what they think about their new stove.

Many happy hours

For instance, perhaps you’re considering buying a Rocky 6kW multi-fuel stove. You can visit our reviews section to read the thoughts of customer like Pamela Lloyd.

She writes: “My Rocky 6kw Multi-Fuel Stove has just been fitted and I couldn’t be happier, I love it.

“I purchased it from a couple of months ago but have only just had it fitted. I was very impressed with the product and the service I received from Gr8fires and would recommend them to anyone.

“I always dread the winters drawing in but not any more, in fact I’m quite looking forward to it. I will spend many happy hours sitting admiring and enjoying the warmth of my Stove.”

See, it adds a personal touch that a product description would never manage to achieve.

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Your wood-burning stove deserves the Terry Jacks treatment

Have you been enjoying the very pleasant weather of late?

If you’ve not found much need to use your wood-burning stove in the recent sunny conditions then hopefully you’ve been able to channel your finely honed fire lighting skills to create some tasty barbecues for your nearest and dearest.

While you’re enjoying your burgers and sausages, remember you could be doing a little bit of preliminary work for the winter ahead (yes, we know it seems like a long way off but it will soon come around).

The wise philosopher Terry Jacks once observed that wood with a reduced moisture content makes for a much more contented fuel.

Adopting the persona of log, he (very nearly) sang: “We had joy, we had fun, we had seasoned in the sun.”

Perfect weather

It is the perfect weather to ensure that the wood you use has had plenty of opportunity to season in the sun before you need it. Continue reading

5 of the best contemporary wood-burning stoves

contemporary stove

For many people, its the heritage and tradition of using a wood-burning stove to heat your home that is the biggest attraction. But it is nice to put a new twist on this timeless form of heating, especially if the decor and design of your property is modern.

Several wood-burning stove manufacturers now focus on making contemporary stoves that are at ease in the surroundings of a modern home. These appliances often veer away from what a wood-burning stove has traditionally looked like by experimenting with the materials, designs and technology used.

We’ve picked out five of the best of these contemporary wood-burning stoves to give you an overview of some of the options. Continue reading

What are bellows?

Bellows are essentially an expandable bag, usually with handles or casing attached, which are used to give out a blast of air.

When a pair of bellows are closed, by holding the handles tight together, there is very little air in the bag. Once the handles are pulled apart, a valve opens, allowing the bellows to fill with air. Closing the bellows again forces that air out through a nozzle and gives out the blast of air.

The most common use for bellows is to supply oxygen to fires, although you might also choose to deploy them to cheat in a game of blow football or to help blow out the candles when you’re celebrating a particularly big birthday! Continue reading