Why a wood-burning stove is a great Christmas gift idea


Christmas is rapidly approaching. Amid the many winter warmers we will all no doubt be indulging in, this is also the perfect time of year for the ultimate winter warmer: a wood-burning stove.

In fact, a woodburner is a fantastic Christmas gift idea. Here are some of the reasons why it makes sense to treat someone (or even yourself) to a wood-burning stove for the festive period.

1. Gift for all the family

A woodburner is essentially a gift for the entire household. Sure, some members of the household might be more sold on the idea at the outset but trust us, once it is lit, the whole family will be gathered round to benefit from the warmth.

2. Festive spirit

Christmas is very much about gathering with friends and family for warmth, fun and laughter. With a wood-burning stove, you instantly have a hub for all that festive spirit (and the perfect, cosy atmosphere for it, too). Light your woodburner and just watch everyone huddle round.

3. Optimum time to buy

With the temperature dropping and winter just taking its icy grip, Christmas is the ideal time to install a wood-burning stove. You will get to enjoy its warmth for the rest of the winter and spring. And it will be ready to do the same next Christmas.

4. Low-ho-ho heating bills

Without wishing to coming across all Scrooge-like, Christmas is a time of great expenditure and high heating bills. Getting a wood-burning stove installed for Christmas at least means that you can make savings on your energy costs in the new year by cutting your reliance on central heating.

5. Roasting chestnuts on something better than an open fire

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire was one of the things Nat King Cole liked about Christmas. Unfortunately, Nat was letting a lot of heat disappear straight up his chimney. Woodburners can be up to 80% efficient, losing just 20% of the heat the fuel could potentially generate, whereas an open fireplace has approximately 30% efficiency, meaning that a huge 70% of the energy is being lost.

You could also choose a stove with a hotplate or two, such as this Mazona Ashley appliance, and roast chestnuts more easily, too.


Bargain woodburner: Mazona Orlando 5.6kW now just £220

mzsors_1 (2)

The Mazona Orlando 5.6kW multi-fuel stove is available for just £220 – this weekend only.

This great little stove is usually priced at £269.94, but we dropped the price for Black Friday. And it is staying at its bargain price throughout Cyber Weekend and Cyber Monday.

That makes it one of the cheapest wood-burning stoves currently on the market. As with all the Mazona range, it offers excellent quality at an affordable price.

The Orlando is a fantastic appliance. Its 5.6kW heat out is well suited to snug rooms, boats, barges, caravans and cabins. It boasts a cast iron body – covered by a five-year guarantee – in a classic design.

Other impressive designs features include an airwash system to keep the stove glass clear, an externally controlled riddling grate to make it easy to empty the ashes and a vermiculite board-lined fire chamber to increase efficiency and protect the stove body.

It is an ideal option if you’re looking for a small wood-burning stove. Remember, it is only available at the discounted price until Monday, so click here to buy now.

Black Friday Deals Available Now: Woodburners, Boiler Stoves, Electric Fires & More

Black Friday Deals Woodburners

To celebrate Black Friday we’re offering our best ever deals: big discounts on wood-burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, boiler stoves and electric fires that were already heavily discounted.

Here are some of the products that are included in our Black Friday promotion:


Mazona Olympus 8 kW Multi Fuel Stove WAS £295, NOW £255
olympus_1_1 (1)
Consistently one of our best selling stoves, the Mazona Olympus offers an impressive 8kW heat output. It boasts a sturdy cast iron body (with a 5-year warranty), a traditional design, airwash system to keep the glass clear and is suitable for burning wood or smokeless fuels. Click here for a closer look.

Evergreen ST0406GS Poplar 6.8 kW Multi Fuel Stove WAS £255, NOW £239
st0406_2 (2)
The Evergreen Poplar is another great cast iron multi-fuel stove boasting a timeless design. Its classic but unfussy looks makes it a great candidate for houses of all ages. Click here for a closer look.

Mazona Small Orlando 5.6 kW Multi Fuel Stove WAS £269.94, NOW £220
mzsors_1 (2)
In the market for a small woodburner? Look no further than the Mazona Orlando’s 5.6kW model, which is available for an incredible £220. This great appliance features a cast iron body, airwash system and is ideal for cosy rooms, caravans, cabins and boats. Click here for a closer look.

Invicta Ove 10 kW Wood Burning Stove WAS £1,435, NOW £1,150
poele_a_bois_ove sq

If you’ve been thinking about adding a feature stove to your room, here is an opportunity to add a design classic for a heavily reduced price. The eye-catching Invicta Ove can burn for up to 10 hours on a single load of fuel. Click here for a closer look.

Hamlet Solution Boiler 12 Inset Boiler Stove WAS £1,353.60, NOW £1,035
Want a stove that heats your radiators and your water as well as the room? The Hamlet Solution fits the bill. This stylish inset boiler stove comes with a three-year guarantee covering the boiler. Click here for a closer look.


Dimplex Cheriton Freestanding Optiflame Electric Fire WAS £120, NOW £115
cheriton (2)
The Dimplex Cheriton is one of our most popular freestanding electric fires. That’s in no small part due to the excellent value for money it represents. The Black Friday sale price makes even better value. Click here for a closer look.

Dimplex Springbourne Electric Stove WAS £114.62, NOW £104
If you want a wood-burning stove, but are not yet able to install one, this Dimplex Springbourne electric stove offers the looks of a woodburner for a lower price. Click here for a closer look.


4 Piece Black Companion Set With Caged Handles WAS £55.90, NOW £30
Keep your fireplace tidy with this ornate companion set, which includes all the tools you need. Click here for a closer look.

Empress 4 Piece Black Fireside Companion Set WAS £31.96, NOW £22
Another great companion set to help you transport fuel and ashes – and keep your hearth clean. This one’s a bit smaller and also a bit cheaper. 

Click here to see all the Black Friday Deals (you never know we might have a few surprises for you there).

All these deals are while stocks last, so don’t hang around if something has caught your eye. Shop now.

Black Friday Deals on Woodburners and Electric Fires

Black Friday Deals Woodburners

Incredible savings on wood-burning stoves, boiler stoves, multi-fuel stoves, electric fires and related products

Are you in the market for a wood-burning stove or an electric fire? If so, this weekend is the perfect time to buy your new appliance.

That’s because this Friday, November 27, 2015, is Black Friday and here at Gr8Fires.co.uk, where we offer low prices all year round, we will be offering some astounding deals on woodburners, electric fires and related products.

The incredibly low prices come into effect at 12.01am on Friday morning and continue through until Monday, November 30.

Black Friday Deals

All our Black Friday Deal will be available by clicking here. PLEASE NOTE: The Black Friday Deal prices will only appear from 12.01am on Friday. If you visit the page before then, the low prices you see haven’t even had the Black Friday discount applied yet!

So, which products will be included in the Black Friday sale? Here are a few examples of appliances that will be further discounted – click here to see the full range of discounted products.

Invicta Ove 10kW Wood-Burning Stove

Hamlet Solution Boiler 12 Inset Multi-Fuel Boiler Stove

Mazona Olympus 8 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove
olympus_1_1 (1)

Ezee Glow WH2 Cara Curved Black Glass Wall Mounted Electric Fire

What is a register plate?

Register Plate

A register plate is the metal plate that sits at the very bottom of the chimney in a wood-burning stove installation that is being performed with an existing chimney. It effectively closes off the opening to the chimney, with only your flue pipe passing through the plate.

What is the purpose of a register plate?

A register plate has several purposes:

To prevent heat being sucked out of the room.
One of the advantages of a wood-burning stove over an open fire is that you only need a relatively small, self-contained flue rather than a draughty chimney opening. Of course, some of that advantage is lost if the chimney opening isn’t closed off. That’s where a register plate comes in to help keep the heat that is generated in the room.

To stop smoke and gases seeping into the room.
If you’re not lining your chimney are planning to run your stove through an existing chimney, you will need to use a register plate in order to stop flue gases that have exited your stove immediately drifting back into the room.

To ensure the stove works properly

Similarly to above, if you’re not using a flue liner, you will need a register plate to ensure the stove system functions correctly. Without the chimney opening being closed off, you chimney simply won’t be able to create enough draw of air through the stove for it to work properly.

To contain your insulation
Many people opt to improve the efficiency of their stove by insulating the void of the chimney around their flue liner. Click here to read more about vermiculite being used for this purpose. In this case, the register plate will give the insulation, which is poured in, something to sit on.

To prevent debris falling into the room
Chunks of masonry and brickwork, sticks from your neighbouring birds and lumps of soot are just some of the things that might be falling down your chimney from time to time. Without the aid of a register plate, they are liable to land in your living room or even damage the stove.

Buying a register plate

Register plates are either supplied blank or pre-punched with a hole in the centre to match the appropriate flue pipe diameter.

For example:

Blank Galvanised Register Plate Kit
5 inch Galvanised Register Plate Kit
6 inch Galvanised Register Plate Kit

Best-selling woodburners – October 2015

sale_rocky_1 (1)

Once again we bring you quite literally the hottest chart in the world: it’s our monthly run-down of our best-selling wood-burning stoves.

In this article, we’re looking at the top selling woodburner from October 2015.

1. Mazona Rocky 6 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

Mazona Rocky Cheap Wood-Burning Stove
September’s best-selling stove retains its top-spot for October. Yes, the Mazona Rocky is once again our best-selling wood-burning stove. The ever popular Rocky boasts a five-year guarantee on its sturdy cast iron body, and also generates on impressive 6kW in relation to its very reasonable £201 price tag. Have a closer look.

2. Mazona Olympus 8 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

Mazona Olympus Bargain Multi-Fuel Stove
The Mazona Olympus is up two places this month, rising to become our second best-selling stove in October. Made by the same manufacturer as our top-selling Rocky and boasting a similar classic design, it is no surprise that the Olympus is also a popular choice. It also comes with a five-year guarantee and has a larger heat output than the Rocky. Have a closer look.

3. GBS Mariner 4 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

GBS Mariner
Another climber, the GBS Mariner is up two places, from five to three, in our October chart. Its stylish, contemporary design, sleek lines and diminutive stature seem to be winning favour with our customers at the moment. Have a closer look.

4. Evergreen ST0406GS Poplar 8 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

Evergreen Poplar
A slight fall for the Evergreen Poplar from its lofty position as the second best-selling stove of September 2015. Nonetheless, this is a respectable position for this classic woodburner, which features a timeless design, high quality cast iron body and 8kW heat output for just £255. Have a closer look.

5. Mazona Aston 5.5 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

Sneaking into the chart is a new entry: the Mazona Aston. It didn’t feature last month, but proved to be very popular in October. It is similar in terms of heat output to its stablemate, the Mazona Rocky, but features a much more stripped back, minimal design that is well suited to modern homes. Have a closer look.

All prices correct at time of writing.