Six of the best electric fires for homes with IKEA decor

IKEA sells some fantastic furniture and home furnishings, but they do have a bit of a blind spot when it comes to heating. While lighting is very well covered, the Scandinavian retail giant doesn’t offer anything when it comes to heating your home.

So, once you’ve decorated your home in stylish, affordable IKEA furnishings, how do you find an electric fire that doesn’t look out of place? By having a read through this list, that’s how!

1. Ezee Glow WH2 Lara Black Glass Wall Mounted Electric Fire
LARA mk2_Side

The Ezee Glow WH2 Lara sits in precisely the same part of the market as IKEA goods: it’s beautifully designed and available at an affordable price.

Indeed, it costs just £139. Even installation sounds IKEA-inspired: just four screws and a mounting bracket and you’re good to go. Find out more.

2. Dimplex Bizet Wall Hung Electric Fire
Dimplex Bizet Slimline Electric Fire

As we’ve established, IKEA don’t do electric fires but if they did we have no doubt they would do wall hung electric fires just like this one.

The Dimplex Bizet features a suitably contemporary design, which can be hung on the wall or fitted into a recess. It’s priced at £232.50. Find out more.

3. Dimplex MicroFire Red

When you think of the IKEA design aesthetic, you think minimalism, functionality and mid-century styling. This little MicroFire ticks all three boxes.

Despite its unassuming stature, it is capable of producing a heat output of up to 1.5kW. Ideal if you’ve got a smaller space of if you’re home is decked out in late-1960s to early-1970s inspired decor.

4. Dimplex Club Electric Stove

Have you gone down the country living or shabby chic route that is a feature of many IKEA ranges? If so, a stove might be the perfect item to complete the look.

If a real woodburner isn’t an option, this Dimplex Club electric stove is the next best thing. At £146.92, it’s a much more affordable option. Find out more.

5. Dimplex Adagio Silver Electric Fire

Do you need to combine IKEA decor with a traditional fireplace? Look no further than the Dimplex Adagio, which is priced at £306.

With its sleek lines and stainless steel finish, it brings a modern touch to inset electric fires. Find out more.

6. Ezee Glow WH2 Cara Curved Black Glass Wall Mounted Electric Fire

Very similar to the Ezee Glow fire we featured above, except that his one boasts a curved black fascia.

It’s really down to personal preference as to whether the flat or curved version is most suited to your home. This one costs £146. Both come with ambient backlighting, which allows you to set your fire to warm orange, cool blue or a moody mauve. Find out more.

Have a look at more electric fires.

Five of the best double fronted stoves


If you’ve got a chimney breast that handily adjoins two rooms or if you’re planning a large feature stove in an open plan space, you might consider installing a double fronted wood-burning stove.

The benefits of a double sided stove are pretty straightforward:

  • double the spectacular views of the flames inside your stove
  • the chance to have one stove serving two rooms
  • an even more eye-catching feature in your home

Of course, you also get all the money-saving advantages of a regular wood-burning stove. You just need to remember to account for all the space that the stove will be heating when you calculate what size stove you need.

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How to use Vermiculite to improve wood-burning stove efficiency


There are lot of things you can do to improve the efficiency of a wood-burning stove. One method that is often overlooked is the use of Vermiculite.

What is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a mineral that is commonly used as a loose-fill insulation. It’s a very useful material that is deployed in all sorts of different situations. That includes helping your woodburner to operate more effiently. Continue reading

Buying on credit: great finance deals for wood-burning stoves

It can be a Catch 22 situation: you want to buy a wood-burning stove to help lower your heating bills, but it’s difficult to make space in your budget to invest in a stove when you’ve got a huge energy bill to pay.

Fortunately, help is now at hand.

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Top 10 contemporary wood-burning stoves for modern homes

If your home decor is modern in style, you’ll need a wood-burning stove that matches. Here are our suggestions of woodburners that are perfect for contemporary living spaces.

1. Invicta Ove 10 kW Wood Burning Stove
Invicta Ove
Perhaps the most instantly recognisable of modern wood-burning stoves is this egg-inspired design from Invicta. It’s a freestanding stove featuring an unusual oval glass display and beautiful contemporary design.

It can also burn for up to 10 hours on a single load of fuel. Find out more.

2. Thorma Bozen Multi-fuel Stove
The Thorma Bozen’s is actually quite a traditional design if you happen to hail from continental Europe, but to British eyes it’s a very unusual look.

It would fit in well with an industrial-inspired decor. The Bozen is a free-standing stove and, with a heat output of 7.5kW, is more powerful than you might think at first glance. Find out more.

3. Invicta Chamane 14kW Wood Burning Stove
Invicta Chamane
The Chamane is a superb feature stove for airy, open plan rooms. Whatever the shape of the space at your disposal, this iconic stove will provide a focal point.

At 14kW, it’s capable of heating even large space. Find out more.

4. Dimplex Langbrook 5 SE Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove
Dimplex Langbrook
Perhaps more subtle in its modernity than other stoves on this list. While the Langbrook fulfils the classic woodburner look of black box, its curved lines, chunky legs and polished chrome handles give it a contemporary look.

It delivers a heat output of 5kW that is suitable for most small to average sized rooms. And it can also be used in smoke control areas.

5. Firebelly FB1 Black 6 kW Wood Burning Stove
This Firebelly FB1 gives a unique twist on the traditional stove. The striking finish, full length rounded legs and large glass window help to create a woodburner that’s striking whether lit or unlit.

Of course, it comes into its own when the flames are licking against the impressive display panel. Find out more.

6. Invicta Preston 14 kW Wood Burning Stove
Invicta Preston
The stylish landscape views of the Invicta Preston have an almost televisual quality.

The large glass viewing area makes a stunning feature in any room, while the 14kW will transform even larger spaces into cosy rooms. Find out more.

7. Aduro Asgard 1 Defra Wood Burner
If you favour a Scandinavian-inspired interior, the Aduro Asgard will fit the bill for your home. It delivers a 5kW heat output but, since its built for harsh Nordic winter, we find that it punches above its weight.

The Asgard sits in a niche that has been cornered by Scandinavian brands in many markets: excellent form and function at an affordable price. Find out more.

8. Invicta Pharos 12 kW Wood Burning Stove
pharos_invicta_wood_burning_stove (1)
If you’ve got a large room that is sectioned off or compartmentalised, the Invicta Pharos offers a great solution. A pedestal stove built on a turntable base, it rotates 360 degrees so that you can point it at whichever part of the space you happen to be using.

As with all Invicta stoves, a lot of thought has gone into a distinctive and eye-catching design. Find out more.

9. Thorma Andorra Exclusive 7.5kw Wood Burning Stove
The Thorma Andorra boasts an unusual cylindrical design. The curved lines makes for an interesting and stylish look.

This is only enhanced by the curved glass, which offers a spectacular view of the flames inside the firebox. Find out more.

10. Aarrow i600 Cassette Stove 8 kW Flexifuel Multi-fuel
The Aarrow i600 is a great example of a modern cassette or inset stove. It’s very versatile in terms of the height at which you choose to install it and, as a result, it will adapt very well to your decor and its surroundings.

It manages to be visually impressive, but also quite unassuming given that it takes up no floorspace. Find out more.


Comedian Chris Addison thinks the Invicta Oracle wood-burning stove is a bit rude – do you agree?


French stove manufacturer Invicta are renowned for their unusual and eye-catching designs. But comedian Chris Addison thinks they might have overstepped the mark a tad with the Invicta Oracle.

The Thick Of It star thinks the Oracle – with its distinctive pointed oval glass and surrounding feature door – resembles something other than a wood-burning stove. Continue reading

Why has my wood-burning stove cracked?

st0406_2 (2)

Cast iron is a pretty sturdy material, so if your cast iron wood-burning stove has started to crack then something has gone wrong.

So what might be causing the body of your wood burner to crack?

There are a few factors that could cause a cast iron stove to crack. We’ll explore some of the most likely reasons:

Lack of flue support
Wood-burning stoves are not designed to be load-bearing. If it is properly designed, your flue system should incorporate its own support so that the stove body does not have to take the weight of the flue. Continue reading

8 beautiful red wood-burning stoves

If the traditional black wood-burning stove isn’t colourful enough for your home, how about one of these very nice red stoves?

Invicta Seville Red 10kW Wood-burning stove
sevred_1 (1)
Other than the colour, this is surprisingly traditional styling for French manufacturer Invicta.

The Seville features very nice arched detailing, including the glass, and produces an impressive 10kW of heat. Continue reading