Don’t wait for the government to act on climate change. Go green now!

Most of the world’s governments seem to agree that something has to change when it comes to the energy we use to heat our homes. Even countries that are not particularly forthright in tackling climate change are weighing up their energy options to minimise their exposure to volatile oil prices.

If the pace of change isn’t quick enough for you, why not reduce your carbon footprint – and your heating bills – long before an army of civil servants have decided whether nuclear, hydroelectric, wind or something completely different is the way forward for the rest of the country?

You can go green in 2012 by installing a wood-burning stove in your home. Take decisive action to cut your contribution to climate change by reducing your dependence on oil or gas.

Burning wood is a very environmentally friendly way of heating your home. The act of burning carries with it the connotation that you must be doing some harm to the environment, but that’s not true of wood.

When wood is burnt, it only gives off as much carbon dioxide as it had absorbed during its life as a tree. Heating your home with a wood-burning stove is actually completely carbon neutral.

It’s also entirely sustainable. Unlike our finite resources of coal, gas and oil, with careful forestry we can have a constant supply of wood for fuel. It just means planting new trees to replace the one that are cut down.

And it doesn’t have to be just your home that gets heated. You could also consider installing a boiler stove, so that your water is also heated when your stove is in use.

The boiler is heated at the same time as the rest of your home, removing the need to heat your water separately. Needless to say, this dual use is very green and very cost-effective.

Throw into the equation the fact that you can collect reclaimed wood from fallen trees to use as your fuel and you can operate your stove without so much as a tree being chopped down on your conscience.

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