Will a woodburner save me money on my central heating bills?

Some people buy woodburners for the cosy atmosphere they create and to find the joy of having a real fire in their home. Others see it as a way to be more frugal with their heating costs and also want to make sure they see a return on their investment when installing a stove. So, will getting a woodburner save money on your central heating bills?

If you’re a pragmatic type or you feel you can’t justify installing a woodburner unless it’s going to pay its way, this article is for you.

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Blogger Chelsey Bowen shares photo gallery of her Mazona Olympus woodburner installation

Blogger and vlogger Chelsey Bowen has shared a photo gallery showing the inspiration behind her woodburner installation.

As part of the renovation of her home, Chelsey – who runs popular YouTube and Instagram accounts – opted to install one of our Mazona Olympus multi-fuel stoves. The decision to go ahead with that particular stove came at the end of a considerable period of deliberation, it seems.

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Installing a wood-burning stove

If you are thinking of installing a wood-burning, you have come to the right place to get all the information you need and the answers to any questions you may have.

At Gr8Fires, we sell, live and breathe wood-burning stoves… but we don’t install them. Our focus is on getting appliances to our customers at the lowest possible price. We leave the installation to the specialists. As such, the advice containing in this article is impartial. 

Although our strong preference is that our customers end up with an installation that allows them to use the stove they have bought from us efficiently, safely and successfully, we do not have any stake in the route they choose to go down when installing a wood-burning stove.

The information provided here is intended to be as useful as we can possibly make it, but it is only advisory. For questions that are particular to your installation, we would always recommend calling upon the services of a competent heating engineer to get answers to your questions.

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Get a free electric stove worth £110

Pay nothing for this stylish electric stove

We’ve got a great deal if you’re in need of some extra warmth in more than one room in your home.

We’re giving away an Ezee Glow Wee Hugo Contemporary LED Fuel Effect Electric Stove absolutely FREE with any purchase of an Aarrow, Villager or Stratford stove.

So, along with your purchase of a beautifully designed, British-made woodburner, multi-fuel stove or boiler stove, you will also get a stylish, modern electrical appliance that will give the opportunity to add the woodburner aesthetic to another of your rooms.

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Years and Years: Woodburners in an unpredictable world

Years and Years (BBC)

Have you watched BBC drama Years and Years? It paints the picture of a British family living in a dystopian near-future. Some of the real-life political, social, technological and environmental concerns of recent years are played out to imagined (and often terrifyingly believable) conclusions.

One thing that provided at least some comfort while watching disaster after disaster unfold was the reassuring presence of our wood-burning stove.

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Get a gas stove that looks just like a woodburner

Gas Stove Looks Like A Woodburner

If you’re looking for an appliance that creates the cosy atmosphere of a wood-burning stove but instead burns gas, you need the Ecoburn Plus Natural Gas Stove in your life.

Perhaps you want the interior design aesthetics of a woodburner, but do not want to part with mains gas. Or maybe you are unable to install a solid fuel stove in your property due to the layout, proximity of neighbouring properties or legal restrictions.

The Ecoburn Plus Natural Gas Stove ticks all the boxes if you find yourself in any of those situations.

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