Will my woodburner be banned?

If you’ve caught a glimpse of a few headlines in the past months (particularly prior to the coronavirus pandemic dominating the news agenda), you might have seen something about woodburners being banned and wondered to to yourself: “Will my woodburner be banned?”

Woodburner ban

The truth of the matter is that there is no woodburner ban. The ban will be on the burning of wet wood and of the use of household coal in wood-burning stoves. There is no ban on use of the appliances at all, only tighter restrictions on what can be burnt. The push to legislate for only well seasoned wood and smokeless fuels is in line with the advice we already give to customers. So it’s good news.

The only restriction on your choice of appliance remains the requirement that, if you live in a smoke control area, you must use either a stove or fuel that has been exempted by DEFRA for use in smoke control areas. This has been the case for decades, so there’s no reason why this should have any impact on your current woodburner.


The other snippet you might have seen that might have caught your attention and given you concerns that your woodburner might be banned is the introduction of Ecodesign stoves.

From January 1, 2022, all woodburners must be independently tested to how they meet efficiency and emission limits set out in the Ecodesign regulations.

But the restrictions apply only to new sales of woodburners, so there will be no impact on stoves that are already installed. In other words, regardless of whether or not it meets Ecodesign regulations, it will not be banned.

We’ve started to sell stoves that are specifically manufactured to comply with Ecodesign regulations. The Mazona Ripley (pictured above) is the first of these Ecodesign ready stoves to make it to our online store, but all the appliances we sell are suitable to use indefinitely.

So, will your woodburner be banned? No, there’s no reason why it would be banned under any of the forthcoming legislation.

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