Coronavirus: Why it’s good to have a woodburner in the Covid-19 pandemic

We’re now a few weeks into the Coronavirus pandemic and, for all the conflicting sources of information, the consensus seems to be that we have definitely not yet seen the worst of it.

Here are a few reasons why a woodburner is a useful thing to help you through the current situation and any similar situations in the future.

WFH heating bills

Yep, we’ve all done the working from home jokes about lounging in bed all day and working in your pyjamas. Once you’ve realised it’s you, not your boss, who’s got to cover your heating bills all day, every day, staying under the duvet might not seem like such a bad idea.

Working in bed is not likely to boost your productivity, so a woodburner pumping out consistent heat for the price of a few logs might be the way to go. It certainly beats relying on the central heating all day.

Cosy nights in

There are no trips to restaurants, bars, clubs, theatres or sporting events on the horizon, so it’s time to ramp up cosy nights in. A woodburner is the perfect accompaniment to your Netflix bingeing of choice.

And let’s face it, if we’re all going to be in our homes around the clock, we need them to be as appealing as possible. A woodburner provides warmth, a gathering point and a focal point that isn’t season 6 of that sitcom that really went downhill after season 2.


We’re heading into unchartered territory. Never before in the times of such a ‘small’, globalised and digital world have we seen such uncertainty surrounding the systems that underpin every aspect of our lives.

With large numbers of people expected to be off sick, companies already starting to feel economic pressure, stock markets getting twitchy and governments seemingly struggling to work out what they should be doing, nobody really knows how this will play out over the coming months.

We’re not suggesting it’s time to head for the bunker, but at least a woodburner gives you a guaranteed form of heat and light if your energy company goes bust or you know paying the heating bills is going to be a struggle.

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