Top 2020 interior design trends (and the perfect woodburners to match them)

Are your planning on decorating your home in 2020? If so, why not incorporate a wood-burning stove into your new decor scheme.

As ever, there are loads of great ideas floating around social media and in interior design magazines. We’ve picked out some of 2020’s hottest interior design trends and paired them with a perfectly suited woodburner.

Let’s explore the top 2020 interior design trends and the woodburners to match them.


The grandmillenial trend means snubbing the minimal lines and subdued palettes of the Instagram age in favour of the frills, prints and chintziness more commonly associated with the caricature grandmother.

There will be some contemporary touches – particularly in the choice of furniture silhouettes and art choices – but plenty of needlepoint, tassels and lace.

If you’re ready to embrace grandmillennial style, a wood-burning stove like the Evergreen ST0147A Ash 7 kW Multi Fuel Stove would be the perfect form of heating. The cast iron detailing on this stove is reminiscent of the sort of patterns that might be found in the cushions, curtains and upholstery of this trend.

Or if you really want to go to town on this look, you might plump for the Invicta Boheme 14 kW Wood Burning Stove, which picks up on the patterns and pottery that are important to this look.

Earthy tones

In something of a backlash to the grey, concrete and industrial-inspired design schemes of recent years, earthy tones are a trend for 2020. Choosing colours like olive green, yellow ochre, mid-brown and wine – in place of neutral colours – will keep you on this trend.

If you’re looking for a woodburner to match, how about the Thorma Bozen 5 kW Wine Red Multi Fuel Stove. The wine red colour is perfect for this look, while this modern take on a woodburner that would look at home in a log cabin gives an extra level of earthiness.

Neotenic design

Neotenic design is childlike interior design trend. Think the sort of chunky, playful furniture you might find in the children’s section at IKEA… but for adults. Woodburners don’t necessarily lend themselves to playfulness – that would be a bit dangerous – but something like this Invicta Elo 5 kW Small Wood Burning Stove would sit perfectly alongside the chubby chairs, tables and lamps that define this trend.


The mid-century trend that has dominated in recent years is edging away from the 1950s and 1960s and towards the 1970s. Colour schemes are featuring more oranges, yellows, and rusty reds, while patterns are venturing towards geometric design. With terrazzo flooring increasing in popularity, it seems the Seventies are definitely back.

Put a modern twist on this bohemian look with the tipi-inspired Invicta Pow Wow 14 kW Wood Burning Stove. It looks contemporary, yet of the period, and will also pick up any triangular geometric patterns that go into your room.

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