Sending a letter to Santa Claus using a wood-burning stove

One of the questions we’re most frequently asked at this time of year is the best way of sending a letter to Santa Clause using a wood-burning stove.

Using your fireplace and a sprinkle of Christmas magic to send a list of the things you would like for Christmas is a time-honoured tradition.

If you’re used to sending your letter to Santa on an open fire (where you presumably also roasted your chestnuts), then you might have some concerns over using your woodburner. Here’s our suggested method for sending a letter to Santa Claus using a wood-burning stove.

1. Burn some newspaper

The intense burn from a single sheet of newspaper will help to dislodge any air pockets that have settled in your flue pipe. We don’t want anything blocking your letter’s route to the North Pole, do we?

2. Light your stove as normal

Get your woodburner up and running as usual. You can get some tips on lighting a woodburner in this article. A really strong draw will help to ensure the embers of your letter to Santa Claus are whisked up the flue quickly and efficiently, so we’d suggest burning well-seasoned hardwood logs.

3. Add the letter to your woodburner

Holding your letter to Santa Claus with a stove glove, carefully add it to the firebox alongside the fuel. Remember: this is a once-a-year thing and you shouldn’t ordinarily be adding paper to a woodburner that’s already burning well.

4. Sit back and enjoy

You are now free to relax and watch your letter set alight and disappear up the flue towards the North Pole.

5. Be nice

Even following this tried and trusted method of getting your letter to Santa Claus will not be any use if you don’t get yourself onto his nice list. So once your list of presents has begun its magical journey to Santa, please be on your best behaviour.

If you’re still writing your letter to Santa Claus and you have a wood-burning stove, here are a few things you might like to add to your list.

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