Mazona Ripley Ecodesign Ready Multi-Fuel Stove – the woodburner of the future is here

If you like to be on the cutting edge of things – leading where others follow – we’ve got the perfect woodburner for you.

The woodburner of the future is available to buy right now… and it’s called the Mazona Ripley.

This multi-fuel stove is Ecodesign ready, which means it’s designed and manufactured in accordance with Stove Industry Alliance regulations drawn up in response to the European Union’s European Ecodesign Directive, which comes into effect in 2022.

The SIA is already testing stoves to ensure they meet the emissions and efficiency criteria outlined by Ecodesign… and the Mazona Ripley passed with flying colours.

So, when you buy a Mazona Ripley, you’re already two years ahead of an EU directive that comes into effect in the UK in 2022. You’re also getting a stove that has been proven to meet the highest standards of energy efficiency.

If that’s not futuristic enough, you also get the Mazona Ripley’s ultra-modern design. Sleek lines, minimalist design and two air supply controls that could easily pass for the control of your spaceship.

Yes, the future of woodburners is already here… and it’s available to your no matter what size of room you have.

The warmth you need

The 4kW Mazona Ripley is perfect for snug spaces.

The 5kW Mazona Ripley will provide plenty of warmth and cosiness to regular-sized living rooms.

And the 8kW Mazona Ripley has the oomph to heat even larger spaces.

All this and more…

  • Future-proof stove that meets Ecodesign regulations.
  • Impeccable environmental credentials.
  • Eye-catching contemporary design.
  • High-quality steel construction (with 5-year guarantee).
  • Prices starting from just £330.

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