Blogger Chelsey Bowen shares photo gallery of her Mazona Olympus woodburner installation

Blogger and vlogger Chelsey Bowen has shared a photo gallery showing the inspiration behind her woodburner installation.

As part of the renovation of her home, Chelsey – who runs popular YouTube and Instagram accounts – opted to install one of our Mazona Olympus multi-fuel stoves. The decision to go ahead with that particular stove came at the end of a considerable period of deliberation, it seems.

Writing on Instagram, Chelsey said: “I drew a picture on a piece of paper, went to [partner] Tommy’s dad and asked how I could make it work and with his help we made it happen!

“I’d always wanted to restore it back to a log burner, but I wanted it to have the original lintel, a log store as well as slates!

“So I mean, as the project went on it changed a little but managed to find one of the sketches I made at midnight one night. This is what the inside of my brain looks like when planning DIYs!

“It took all of about, 5 days once I decided, then we waited a few months to get the burner put in as again, I was fussy and couldn’t make up my mind!”

We’re delighted that Chelsey eventually settled on a Mazona Olympus, which she bought from us.

And we’re equally delighted that she shared a series of photos showing what here fireplace looked like when she first set about her plans to install a woodburner.

You can see the progress from a dated open fire place, through Chelsey’s design sketch to the end result, in the photos below. Scroll across to see the various stages of the installation.

Achieve the look for your home

If you like the look of Chelsey’s fireplace, the stove you need is the the Mazona Olympus 8kW multi-fuel stove.

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