Why you need a woodburner for winter 2019

As summer 2019 comes to an end, it is only natural to start to think of the cooler weather ahead. With winter 2019 just around the corner, it is the perfect year – and the perfect time of year – to add a woodburner to your home.


With the recent power outage – and the increase in extreme weather that can also cause power cuts – bringing a woodburner into your home for winter 2019 will give you a source of heat and light that is not dependent on the National Grid. Even during a power failure, you will be able to stay cosy this winter and light up your room sufficiently to be able to get on with your life.


More than three years after the Brexit vote, we still haven’t left the European Union and so any economic consequences of our exit are yet to be fully felt (and certainly yet to be fully understood). If your home heating currently relies predominantly on a fuel that we have to import, it is perhaps a good idea to add a form of heating to your home that will give you much more control over the costs. A woodburner give that. You can source free wood and, even if you choose to buy your logs, there is plenty available in Britain.

Energy bills

Brexit or not, energy bills only ever seem to head in one direction: upwards. Take control of your energy costs this winter by installing a woodburner. Leave the central heating off, keep your costs down, and let your stove generate the warmth you need.

Seizing the moment

Don’t put off until 2020 what you could have in 2019: a beautiful design feature, a cosier home and lower heating costs are all available right now, so why wait?

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