Get a gas stove that looks just like a woodburner

Gas Stove Looks Like A Woodburner

If you’re looking for an appliance that creates the cosy atmosphere of a wood-burning stove but instead burns gas, you need the Ecoburn Plus Natural Gas Stove in your life.

Perhaps you want the interior design aesthetics of a woodburner, but do not want to part with mains gas. Or maybe you are unable to install a solid fuel stove in your property due to the layout, proximity of neighbouring properties or legal restrictions.

The Ecoburn Plus Natural Gas Stove ticks all the boxes if you find yourself in any of those situations.

Some imitation woodburners look precisely like that: cheap imitations. You cannot make that accusation against this appliance, which boasts all the stylistic features of a top-end woodburner.

The reason for that is simple: it is made by Arada Stoves, which is the manufacturer of some of the beautiful, contemporary stoves we stock, including the Aarrow, Villager and Stratford ranges. The gas stove does not look out of place sitting alongside any of the other stoves in the range. Indeed, it boasts similar sleek lines and minimalist design features.

Like us, Arada recognises that a wood-burning stove isn’t the right option for every household and has created a gas stove that looks like a woodburner for those circumstances.

Why get a gas stove that looks like a woodburner

Some of the benefits of the gas stove in comparison to a woodburner include:

  • It’s very versatile. It’s suitable for properties in which it is impossible to install a chimney or external flue, so you can get the woodburner look even if your home isn’t suited for the real thing.
  • There is no lighting involved – just use the remote control to start your fire and avoid expending any time or frustration on the process.
  • You don’t have to source fuel – the decorative logs create the right appearance and mains natural gas will take care of creating the warmth. That means no need to buy logs or other solid fuels, and no need for chopping or storing a large quantity of wood.
  • You don’t have to refuel – no trips into the cold to fetch more logs because this just keeps burning.
  • No cleaning – this appliance won’t create ashes or just, so you wan’t have to empty the stove or clean it out. There will also be less dust in your home as a result.
  • More control – this stove is far easier to control than a woodburner. Choose the right heat output for the temperature and time of year. You can opt for anything between a minimum heat output of 2kW and a maximum heat output of 5.2kW.

Take a closer look at the gas stove

If you like what you’ve read about the gas stove and would like a closer look at the Ecoburn Plus Natural Gas Stove, you can do so by using the button below.

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