Assembling and refitting the internal parts on a Mazona Rocky 6 kW multi-fuel stove

Part and parcel of being a wood-burning stove owner is taking your appliance apart in order to clean it properly or replace parts that have become worn or warped over time.

Removing all the internal parts is the easy part; replacing them can be a little more difficult if you’re not sure about what you’re doing.

With that in mind, we have put together this video guide to assembling one of most popular stoves, the Mazona Rocky 6 kW multi-fuel stove, to help you put it back together quickly and easily.

If you would prefer photos and written instructions from which to work, here they are.

Step 1: Put the bottom grate and back plate in place

Starting with an entirely empty firebox, restore the bottom grate and back plate to their positions. The bottom grate is placed just above the area in which the ashpan will eventually be placed. There are ridges at the front and back of the stove on which the grate will sit.

The back plate should be placed inside the firebox at an angle. It should then be positioned so that it is standing up at the back of the firebox.

Step 2: Put the side panels and baffle plate

With the slanted edge facing towards the back of the stove, place the first side liner in position.

Next, take the baffle plate and place it at the top of the firebox. For now, use the first side liner and the back plate to support it.

Now, add the second side panel. As with the first, the slanted side faces the back of the stove.

Step 3: Add the screws, washers and nuts to the back plate

Add the screws, washers and nuts to each side of the back plate.

Now lower the baffle plate down from its temporary position so that it rests on the screws.

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