Gr8Fires Bauhaus fire fret completes 1990s fireplace upcycle

If you want to give your fireplace a refresh without breaking the bank, buying a new fire fret is a great way of completely changing the look of your fire for a very small price.

Laura Campbell, of the pocket_home_renovation Instagram account, used our Bauhaus fire fret to do just that.

With little more than the new fire front, which is available from our online shop for just £32.50 at the time of writing, and a can of spray paint, Laura upcycled her dated 1990s fireplace to give it a much stronger and more modern appearance.

Starting with a some what dated bronze fire surround and a fussy wrought iron fret, she set about modernising the fireplace.

The next step was to cover the surrounding area, reach for the spray paint, and apply a sleek new finish to the trim surround.

Once the paint had tried, it was time to slot the Bauhaus 16-inch fire fret into the rejuvenated fireplace. The chrome finish and striking lines of this fire front give Laura’s fireplace an insert that is perfectly in keeping with her upcycling project.

Here is Laura’s original Instagram post documenting her fireplace upcycling project.

If you’ve got a fireplace that does not match the decor of your home and you would like to upgrade it for a modest investment, why not undertake a fireplace upcycle of your own?

Click here for a closer look at the Bauhaus 16-inch fire fret.

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