Wood Burning Stoves Ban: why Michael Gove’s plan gets the thumbs up from us

You’ve probably seen media reports in the past few days suggesting that Environment Secretary Michael Gove is introducing a wood burning stoves ban. It’s also been called a ban of wood burning stoves and a log burner ban.

Well, we’re in full support of the so-called ban.

If that sounds a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas given that we are a retailer of wood burning stoves, it’s not. Continue reading

2019 interior design trends and the woodburners to match them

Are you redecorating your house in 2019? If so, we’ve picked out a selection of woodburners that will be very much at home within some of the most popular 2019 interior design trends.


Responsible interior design is a big trend for 2019. That means considering the environmental impact of the purchases you make for your home. How does that translate to woodburners? Well, the first thing you can do is to make sure you buy one of the latest appliances to ensure it’s equipped with the latest and greenest technology. Continue reading

Best-selling woodburners of 2018

As usual, at the start of a new year we’re going to take an opportunity to look back at the best-selling woodburners of 2018. This helps to show which of our wood-burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves are most popular, including emerging trends, new appliances and those that are perennially popular.

So, here are last year’s best-selling woodburners.

1. Mazona Rocky 6kW Multi-Fuel Stove (-)

There’s a non-mover at the top of the 2018 charts. Our always popular Mazona Rocky 6kW multi-fuel stove retains its spot as our best-selling stove. It regularly gets rave reviews from our customers, who are won over by a quality cast iron construction, a sizeable 6kW heat output and a very attractive price tag (£189 at the time of writing). Click here to buy. Continue reading