Installing a Mazona Rocky 6kW multi-fuel stove from start to finish (photo gallery)

Stove installer Peter Morson is a busy man. He buys lots of stoves from us to fit for his clients, who are mainly in County Durham and adjacent areas.

The stove he buys most frequently is our best-selling Mazona Rocky 6kW multi-fuel stove.

Peter has kindly taken time during a recent Rocky installation to record every stage of the process. He shared the photos with us, so we’re sharing them you. They help to build a picture of how a stove installation comes together from start to finish.

In this case, the job involved reopening an old fireplace, which has been blocked up and plastered over. Peter opened up the fireplace and removed some the old fittings that had been left behind.

After clearing all the plaster, rubble and metalwork from the chimney breast, he was able to create a fireplace recess to house the new Mazona Rocky 6kW stove.

A new constructional hearth needed to be added to the recess and surrounding area, and the opening bricked up and sealed before the installation could be completed.

You can see the work undertaken by Peter throughout the course of the installation in the selection of photos below.

The job started with a boarded up chimney breast that Peter needed to break through to get to work.

There was then lots of rubble to remove from the old fireplace. The ironwork of the old fireplace was still in situ, so this needed to come out to.

The fireplace then needed to be fully opened up from being a standard fireplace opening to a recess suitable to house a wood-burning stove.

The new opening was then bricked up and lined to give a neat finish.

The Mazona Rocky stove and the hearth can now come onto the scene.

At this stage, the flue pipe can be connected.

With the register plate in place to seal the chimney opening, it is time to light the new stove for the first time.

If you would like to get a Mazona Rocky 6kW multi-fuel stove of your own, you can buy it here.

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