Burning Season: What is burning season and when does it start?

You might have heard references to burning season (either from us or elsewhere).

If so, you might also be wondering what it is. Well, it’s as simple as it sounds: burning season is the period of the year in which wood is commonly burnt to heat a home.

You can think of it as comparable to other ‘seasons’ that are related to household activities we don’t do all year round, such as the grass-cutting season.

When does burning season start?

Burning season essentially begins when you start lighting your woodburner on a regular basis. The need to do so obviously depends on the weather in any given year. An Indian summer in which temperatures remain high into the start of autumn might push burning season back by a few weeks.

But generally, we’re talking about autumn and winter when we think of burning season: the colder months when we need extra warmth in our homes.

As a rule of thumb, you could say the burning season starts in September and runs through to March.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that this coincides with our busy period as a retailer of wood-burning stoves. It is during the colder weather that a desire to own a woodburner becomes a more pressing consideration for many households, so burning season is also the time when most stoves are bought.

How do I know it’s burning season?

You’ll know it, no problem. That first bite of a chill in the air, leaves starting to fall from the trees, Saturday night television starting to look a bit more appealing – these are all very good clues that burning season is upon us.

Do I need to prepare for burning season?

It’s best to get your chimney swept and your woodburner serviced before starting to use it again regularly, so it is worth calling upon the services of an accredited chimney sweep at the start of burning season.

And with months of burning logs ahead of you, the start of burning season is a good opportunity to check your fuel supply and make sure you have plenty of seasoned, dry wood to burn.

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