Installing a woodburner with no chimney

The fact that your home has no chimney does not mean you cannot enjoy the benefits of a woodburner.

While an existing fireplace does make for a simple installation and means you can simply lower a flue liner down the existing chimney, installing a woodburner with no chimney currently in place in the room is easier than you might expect.

Installations in properties with no chimney require the use of twin wall flue. Twin wall flues have two layers of metal and a layer of insulation between them. The flue pipe you typically see in use with woodburners is single wall flue. Since your flue pipe will need to pass through a combination of some or all of expanses of your room, walls, ceilings and floors, the external temperature of the flue pipe needs to be lower than would otherwise be the case.

If circumstances allow, most installers will favour an out and up approach. This will involve positioning your woodburner close to an external wall, punching through the wall and running the twin wall flue through it. The flue will then run up the side of your property to function as a chimney.

Of course, there are various other ways of achieving the goal, so a competent installer will be able to find the right solution for your property and your plans for the woodburner.

The key consideration in these circumstances is to make sure that the twin wall flue runs high enough above the location of the stove to create a draw that will allow the appliance to work efficiently and effectively. If this is not achieved, your stove might not burn very well or smoke could come into your room through the air vents.

But for most homes, running the flue up the side of the property will allow from a strong draw and an efficient burn.

We have put together a guide, which provides an overview of some of the most common types of twin wall flue installations.

It might help you to get an idea of the sort of installation that would work for your home.

Download our twin wall flue guide.

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  1. Advice for 10k burning stove / conservatory 6m 3 and not sure but the ceiling looks like plastic? Any advice please. Thanks! 😊

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